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Tackle Tips
6:21PM 20th Sep 15

As seen on Big Angry Fish TV Sunday 20 Sept  | Season 4 Ep9 | Getting Towed!
Milan and Nathan have been putting the new Livey Pod concept to the test in the Profish Reload kayak, chasing hard fighting yellowtail kingfish. In this blog we share a little more on the prototype concept as tested by Stephen Tapp

The Livey Pod top side when sat in a Profish Reload cockpit
Viking Livey Pod prototype as tested by Stephen Tapp
The Twin Livey Tackle Pod allows me to easily… more
1:23AM 2nd Apr 15

Paddle leashes are great bits of gear when things work against you, in this case saving this outfit from heading to the bottom – just be sure you don’t overreach yourself trying to make the save!
Recently I had another hot tuna session off Taranaki successfully boating multiple albacore as reward for the days paddling effort. To add spice on light tackle I even managed to entice a few small kings with trolled lures. At around a meter long they were definitely in another league as their sheer brute power… more
2:12PM 10th Feb 15

Kingfish of any size can be a handful, but even a modest fish such as this light tackle specimen captured in just a few meters of water behind the breakers will stick in your mind for a long time.
One of the real joys of fishing from kayaks is the ease with which we end up on a “Nantucket sleigh ride”. Even a modest sized fish can have us moving against the wind, while larger fish can end up totally relocating us before the battle is done. This adds a dimension not experienced in larger craft as not only… more
2:17AM 13th Dec 14

It’s not always about the glamour species, the humble gemfish on lighter line is fun and makes great table fare
Into the deep
My calendar at this time of the year normally has as many weekends as possible blocked out in anticipation of the snapper run. Light tackle is tuned and grab bags made ready to make the most of any weather window to hit Bream Bay, the Bay of Islands, or Doubtless Bay. The lure of having large fit snapper dragging rod tips deep into the water beside the kayak usually has me thinking of… more
5:14PM 2nd Sep 14

(Milkey is another angler who enjoys fishing small but powerful reels, and on a breezy Northland day had no problems skull-dragging this prize from the stones!)
Small frame fishing reels, by Stephen Tapp (written for the August 2014 issue of NZ Fishing News Magazine)
Winter kayak fishing and having awesome fun seems almost a contradiction to the uninitiated. They can’t fathom why any person in their right mind seeks to surround themselves with an ocean of cold water while every little breeze chills unprotected… more
10:11PM 1st Aug 14

Big Cuvier Island snapper from the deep on short rods are much easier to land, and this saves the arms for paddling!
The Hutchwilco Boat show is always a great place to be, with plenty of opportunity to check out recent innovations in everything from large craft (for carrying your kayak of course) to the smallest items of terminal tackle. For me one of the more exciting aspects is the opportunity to talk in person to a diverse group of anglers and find out what they’re most interested in. This year was no exception,… more
12:28AM 17th May 14

Old School Techniques on latest generation setups
Now the colder months are here and water temperatures are dropping I thought I’d take a step back in time and revisit some of the fishing systems and areas I started with when first getting into kayak fishing. I had a gentle reminder of just how good some of these classic “lob big baits, catch big fish” techniques can be during the recent Taranaki Kayak Classic.
On day two of the tournament the windy and choppy conditions along our chosen part of… more
11:54PM 25th Apr 14

In this guest blog post Shelley Bradish-Cooney shares her tips on Live Bait Fihing, some great tips, read on....
Using live baits to catch fish is a technique that has been around for years.  It is responsible for the first large kingfish I caught on my kayak, and since then I have had it on my list of things to master.
In this two part series I will explore the terminal tackle side of catching and deploying live baits, and the next instalment feature the modifications to my Viking Reload Tackle Pod™  to… more
11:00PM 12th Apr 14

Speed, more speed!
For so long this has been the kayakers catch cry – “faster, paddle faster, if you want to catch tuna you’re going to have to paddle your arms off!” And when arm power just doesn’t seem to be enough some of us have been flying along under sail or resorting to pedal power, anything to gain that speed edge. For others it’s been a matter of spending any opportunity to train and gain the endurance to keep those arms flailing along during long hot summer and autumn session… more
5:14PM 18th Mar 14

The winning kingfish from the Taranaki Kayak Classic; despite being anchored in only 5m and briefly ending up amongst the stones, leader selection on the light snapper outfit made the difference in winning this furious battle.
This article was written by Stephen Tapp post competition for the NZ Fishing News, and may serve as a timely peice of info for those of you planning to compete at the up coming Taranaki Kayak Fishing classic or for any other missions you have planned where being prepared could make all the difference… more