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Clothing Systems - NRS Gloves


The NRS Boaters Gloves are ideal for kayaking. Lightweight backs, tough palms and three-quarter fingers. Great protection from sun and blisters and excellent finger dexterity.

With lightweight spandex backs, these gloves are cool, comfortable and quick-drying. They provide UPF 50+ sun protection for your hands.

Three-quarter finger design leaves your fingers free for fishing etc.

The Amara® synthetic leather palms provide easy grip and a soft feel, plus excellent blister prevention.

The wristband has a hook-and-loop "golf/bike glove" style closure for a secure, easy fit.

A soft strip of fleece on the inner side of your hand is perfect for wiping the sweat from your brow without chafing.

 PLU 1923


LARGE SIZE IS CREWSAVER PHASE 2 GLOVES, instead of NRS. We are fasing out of NRS gloves.