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Viking Kayak Fishing
6:17PM 30th Apr 14

Widening your horizons, kayak fishing Widening your horizons, kayak fishing

There and back to see how far it is!
This summer has seen an increase in numbers of kayak anglers interested in paddling farther afield. For some it’s the lure of offshore tuna, for others it’s reaching some of the more remote coastal and offshore island locations. Part of the reason is the growing availability of new performance orientated kayaks allowing greater endurance and comfort. Longer and sleeker, these craft have characteristics allowing them to glide over the ocean and eat up the distance with… more
9:37AM 27th Apr 14

Storing your kayaks Storing your kayaks

In this guest blog post Jason from shares how he is storig his kayaks using the Railblaza wall sling -  
I have recently moved to a new house and have been reminded just how useful the StarPort Wall slings from Railblaza are when it comes to not only storing my kayaks but to keep the property more functional with kayaks up off the ground and out of the way…  having them up on the wall slings also gives me the ability to store the kayaks over the winter months in a way that avoids build… more
2:18AM 26th Apr 14

Catching Tuna at the Taranaki KFC Catching Tuna at the Taranaki KFC

Grant turns it on for the camera at the Taranaki kayak fishing classic and lands an Skipjack tuna right on cue as the camera is rolling… when filming any fishing sequence it is always tricky getting the whole sequence from setting the lure to hooking the fish and landing it..this sequence was one that you just cant plan for 

In this video you see the whole sequence of trolling a lure for tuna during the Taranaki kayak fishing classic. The lure is a custom made lure that Grant and Nathan from Big angry… more
11:54PM 25th Apr 14

Live bait tips with Shelley Bradish-Cooney Live bait tips with Shelley Bradish-Cooney

In this guest blog post Shelley Bradish-Cooney shares her tips on Live Bait Fihing, some great tips, read on....
Using live baits to catch fish is a technique that has been around for years.  It is responsible for the first large kingfish I caught on my kayak, and since then I have had it on my list of things to master.
In this two part series I will explore the terminal tackle side of catching and deploying live baits, and the next instalment feature the modifications to my Viking Reload Tackle Pod™  to… more
12:26PM 22nd Apr 14

Andrew Fletcher lands his 1st 20lb snapper Andrew Fletcher lands his 1st 20lb snapper

Andrew Fletcher of NZBlokesFishTales is no stranger to landing big snapper from his Viking kayak and we regularly feature him and Brad in kayak fishing reports from comps etc.. , but would you believe it was only this weekend that he landed his first 20lb snapper?  Here’s a brief report Andrew posted on the KFNZ forum, from his success over the Easter weekend break

Watch the video of Andrew landing his first 20lb Snapper!!

"Was getting a bit envious seeing all these new PBs and 20lb+ Snapper on the… more
10:38PM 18th Apr 14

How and where to catch popular table fish  - tips and facts How and where to catch popular table fish - tips and facts

Recently we asked what your favorite table fish is, below is some useful tips and facts on the top 5 species chosen by you..
John Dory, classed by many as the best eating fish in our waters.
How - A lot more John Dory would be caught if anglers targeted them, most are bi-catch when the John Dory swallows a small hooked fish. If your using berley while anchored there is a good chance there is a John Dory down below praying on the bait fish. Catch one of those live baits and set it down on or near the bottom, live baits… more
6:03PM 17th Apr 14

Understanding your fishfinder, Q & A with Stephen Tapp Understanding your fishfinder, Q & A with Stephen Tapp

This Q & A session on understanding your FishFinder, with Stephen Tapp is in response to the questions we recieved from this question posted on our FaceBook page "Do you have questions about how to use your sounder more effectively or just want to know some basic rules of thumb? Leave a question here and we will add it to a blog post next week." Stephen answers these questions in breif reply below, stay tuned to the blog to see further explanation on many of these questions over the coming weeks...and if you have… more
11:21PM 12th Apr 14

Customer feedback : Jolene & Cliff from Mission Bay Customer feedback : Jolene & Cliff from Mission Bay

We love getting feedback from our are some pics and a few words from Mission Bay couple Jolene & Cliff who purchased their Profish 400 Kayaks for Christmas... 
Hi Grant, Karen and the team
We enjoy our kayaks very much! Here are some images from our adventures....Over the last few months we have caught quite a variety of species in the Waitemata Harbour (between West and East Bastion Reef): snapper, red gurnard, kawhai, kingies,trevally and a bronze whaler pup. Can't get enough of our fishing!!… more
11:00PM 12th Apr 14

Do you need to troll at speed to catch Tuna? Do you need to troll at speed to catch Tuna?

Speed, more speed!
For so long this has been the kayakers catch cry – “faster, paddle faster, if you want to catch tuna you’re going to have to paddle your arms off!” And when arm power just doesn’t seem to be enough some of us have been flying along under sail or resorting to pedal power, anything to gain that speed edge. For others it’s been a matter of spending any opportunity to train and gain the endurance to keep those arms flailing along during long hot summer and autumn session… more
10:20PM 10th Apr 14

NZBlokesFishTales Taranaki Classic Trip Report NZBlokesFishTales Taranaki Classic Trip Report

Sponsored angler Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic trip report -  NZBlokesFishTales Andrew Fletcher & Brad Harris 
Though it was the second of five competitions for the 2013/14 series, the Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic was the first for 2014, and could not have come soon enough. It had been a couple of months since our last big trip, and with a fairly slow start to the year fish-wise we were really keen to get out amongst some decent fish – even if it meant taking our chances with some potentially… more