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Viking Kayak Fishing
1:43PM 20th Aug 14

Cove to Cape Cove to Cape "The one that got away! "

When ask for a trip report from Cove to Cape Stephens reply was breif --"The only story I have is a fisherman's one..."
The wind on day one (30knots gusting 40) kept us from executing "Plan-A" so we headed off to our reserve location. Here the wind can make for hard work but there are more safety options if something unexpected happens. Fishing was initially slow but not without opportunities, and unfortunately I can claim the classic "one that got away" wooden spoon award...
On the sounder I saw a beautiful arch… more
2:07PM 12th Aug 14

NEW RailBlaza StarPort HD mount : A more stable mounting option for camera NEW RailBlaza StarPort HD mount : A more stable mounting option for camera

RailBlaza have introduced another product that’s giving me even greater scope to achieve what I want when filming from my kayaks. One of the difficulties with rotationally molded product is the flex inherent with polyethylene. While often not an issue when fitting a wide variety of other accessories this can be a problem when mounting cameras.

The new StarPort HD has a bigger footprint and doubles the number of fastenings to four. This results in a much more stable mount even when not using a backing plate.… more
1:09AM 12th Aug 14

Viking Kayaks at Outdoor Retailer 2014 Viking Kayaks at Outdoor Retailer 2014

This year Viking Kayaks NZ were excited to be showcased at the biggest outdoor trade show stage out, Outdoor Retailer in Salt Lake City Utah. For those that don’t know much about this show, Outdoor Retailer (OR) is for Trade only and is without a doubt the most important show on the calendar for manufacturers and distributers in the outdoor industry. It is here at OR that the newest products on the market are shown to current and potential new retailers. In most cases this is where products never seen before are… more
10:11PM 1st Aug 14

Long or short rods for kayak fishing Long or short rods for kayak fishing

Big Cuvier Island snapper from the deep on short rods are much easier to land, and this saves the arms for paddling!
The Hutchwilco Boat show is always a great place to be, with plenty of opportunity to check out recent innovations in everything from large craft (for carrying your kayak of course) to the smallest items of terminal tackle. For me one of the more exciting aspects is the opportunity to talk in person to a diverse group of anglers and find out what they’re most interested in. This year was no exception,… more
5:24PM 19th Jul 14

"Double Trouble" Kayak Fishing with Sportsmans Choice / Northland Kayaks

Join John from Sportsmans Choice/Northland Kayaks out in his Viking Profish Reload for some soft bait action...John gives us double the action while fishing 2 rods at a time and gets multiple double hook ups ! very entertaining to watch one rod twitching away un-noticed while he is working the other rod.

If you want to oin John fishing up North then click on the logo below to head over to his website for more info
7:48PM 17th Jul 14

Top 5 Kayak Fishing accessories that keep the Maniyaks smiling Top 5 Kayak Fishing accessories that keep the Maniyaks smiling

They say the best accessory a person can have is their smile, here are our top 5 accessories that keep us smiling.
 The Viking Profish Reload Tackle Pod
A world first! How often do you hear that? Well if you are a kiwi you hear it quite a lot actually. We’re a pretty ingenuitive bunch of people that come up with some brilliant ideas and this is one of them.  A completely removable pod that houses your battery, sounder, transducer and a crazy amount of tackle. It’s so cool that you can prep all… more
12:43PM 7th Jul 14

Coromandel trip report with Coromandel trip report with "Milkey"

"Haku gets a new owner"
I sold my Profish 440 named “Haku” to my mate John from Hamilton. It took a long 6 months before we got the chance to get out and for him to catch his first fish off the kayak. So we headed to the Coromandel Peninsula and by mid-morning he had 2 pannies in the back and he was having a ball in the near glass like conditions.

We were having some technical difficulties with his fishfinder so decided to turn it off and use my Lowrance on my kayak to put him onto fish. And fish there… more
1:13PM 5th Jul 14

Fresh Water Kayak Fishing Trip Fresh Water Kayak Fishing Trip

Andrew July 3, 2014, Fishing Addicts Anonymous 
Annual trip to the Central North Island for a family get together. With 2 adults and 2 kids the car was full but with the destination being lake side I still managed to fit in the essential fishing gear. Packing as light as I could I managed to fit in the Viking Profish Reload, paddle, tackle pod with Lowrance HDI 7 fish finder, landing net and 3 of might lightest rod setups.

With limited time available to get out on the lake I headed out early on day 1 and stayed… more
5:55PM 3rd Jul 14

Saltwater Assassin Northland Snapper Kayak Fishing Saltwater Assassin Northland Snapper Kayak Fishing

Saltwater Assassin, Lee Kennedy shares his recent kayak fishing adventure in Northland, once again in his Profish 400 and putting that lucky net through its paces with some might fine winter snapper action!! 
Watch the video from this session here 

Trip Report begins

Was asked to try out the new ocean angler microwave rod to test out on Sunday so headed up to Langs beach.. Left Auckland at 3:30am! Wasn't just the sunblock burning my eyes half way through the day.Launched with a couple of guys… more
1:19PM 2nd Jul 14

Landing fish on your kayak, Gaff, Glove, or Net? Landing fish on your kayak, Gaff, Glove, or Net?

(Destined for the table, a quick mouth/jaw shot will have this snapper under control and ready for de-hooking and stowing on ice. Using the appropriate technique will minimize any chance of comedy or tragedy when landing your catch.)
Gaff, Glove, or Net?
Fishing from kayaks has always created the potential for adventure, comedy, and drama. Aside from all the usual possibilities arising from paddling a skinny piece of plastic or composite (or a piece of canvas over a frame if you’re a traditionalist), the biggest… more