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Bixpy fitting instructions

Hole placement for bungey cord

Drill two 6mm holes for the bungey cord tensioner

Power cord slot cut out for Bixpy motor

Cut out the power cable path

Bixpy on Viking Rudder Blade

This shows how the Bixpy motor should look when fitted to the rudder blade

Bixpy motor fitted to Viking Reload kayak

This shows how the uphaul cord using two 'P' clips and a jamb cleat should look when fitted

Bixpy uphaul cord fitted

 Screw the saddle (pad eye) on with 8 guage x 1/2" screws, pre drill the holes for the screws. Fit the saddle close to the front of the bracket.

Bixpy uphaul cord quick release

This shows the uphaul cord attached to the top of the uphaul bracket

Bixpy rudder cord quick release

The rudder cords attached to the eye bolts using crabinas for easy removal

Bixpy bungey cord 230mm

Use a 'R' pin to secure the rudder headstock. Secure the R pin to the headstock with a cord as shown

Bixpy Battery placement on Viking Reload

The battery can be attached to the top of the oval hatch using four saddles (pad eyes) and clips, this allows easy sight of the battery level indicator lights and reattaching the magnetic safety switch should it come off the battery. It also gives the remote speed control unit better line of sight to the battery which makes it easier for the batter to pick up the signal.
You will need the optional 9' (2.7m) extension power cord to do this. In this photo you can see the extension cord has been routed through the hull to keep it tidy and out of the way.
The standard power cord suppied is only long enough for the battery to sit in the rear well near the rear of the kayak.