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Fish Finder on Tackle Pod, Reload & GT

Fish Finder Fitting to a Viking Reload or GT Tackle Pod 

The recess in the Tackle Pod that accepts the transducer is 210mm long by 85mm wide.

Profish Reload Sounder Install Kit components:

Reload Sounder Install Kit contents

Transducer mounting hardware fitted to a Raymarine Dragonfly transducer. The top plate, washer, and nut are fitted from the top of the Reload Tackle Pod to hold the transducer in place:

Reload Sounder Kit bracket layout

This is where the transducer mount bracket will sit when the assembly is installed into the Reload Tackle Pod (the transducer has been removed to make it possible to see the components):

Reload Sounder transducer bracket position in the socket

This is the Raymarine Dragonfly transducer placed inside the transducer socket of the Reload Tackle Pod:

Reload Tackle Pod with transducer in place

Looking from the top, this shows the transducer and mount bracket in place with the grey foam spacer in position. This will squash outwards and help centralize the mount, and helps ensure the mount won’t come loose:

Reload Tackle Pod, top view with transducer in place

The top plate is then installed and tightened in place using the washer and nyloc nut. This needs to be tight enough to hold everything firmly, but do not over tighten (the grey foam spacer makes this unnecessary):

Reload Tackle Pod with sounder bracket top plate in place

The excess transducer cable can now be coiled into the cavity above the transducer:

Reload Tackle Pod with transducer cable stowed

The top plate can now be installed using the self-tapping screws provided. No pilot holes are needed, simply screw the self-tapping screws straight into the plastic:

Reload Tackle Pod with transducer cover plate installed

Now drill the entry hole for the power cable to pass inside the Reload Tackle Pod so it can reach the battery. Do this before adding any cable terminations so the hole can be matched to the cable diameter. This makes keeping everything watertight easy:

Reload Tackle Pod power lead entry

Use sealant around the hole and cable, and on the underside of the cable cover to make everything watertight:

Reload Tackle Pod, sealing the power cable entry

Now fasten the cable cover in place using the screws provided:

Reload Tackle Pod, cable cover in place

Now the sounder can be installed on the top of the Reload Tackle Pod:

Reload Tackle Pod with sounder fitted

To install the battery straps use a 4.5mm bit to drill holes for the retaining machine screws. These countersunk machine screws are 5mm in diameter; by drilling the hole undersize and adding a chamfer to the outside they can be tightened into place to create a watertight finish without using sealant:

 Reload Tackle Pod, countersunk hole for battery strap fastenings

The head of countersunk machine screw tightened in place. It fits flush and is watertight:

Reload Tackle Pod, countersunk machine screw in place

On the inside of the Reload Tackle Pod the battery straps are held in place using washers and nyloc nuts:

Reload Tackle Pod, battery straps

This system allows for a variety of battery configurations. Here is a 7 amp-hour battery mounted on its side for a lower profile:

Reload Tackle Pod, single 7Ah battery

Here is a 12 amp-hour battery in place:

Reload Tackle Pod, 12Ah battery

For greater battery capacity two 7 amp-hour batteries can be mounted side by side:

Reload Tackle Pod, twin 7Ah batteries