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Rudder - Profish with tubes pre-installed

Please note: if your kayak does not already have the black rudder cable tube installed please ensure you have a rudder kit that includes these, and then begin with the instructions "How to install Viking rudder tubes for Profish Kayaks".

1. Rudder kit components for Profish kayaks with rudder cableway tubes already installed Viking Profish rudder kit parts

2. Use the 4 screws and washers to fit the rudder and mount bracket to the rear of the Profish kayak Viking Profish Rudder and Headstock rear assembly

3. Un-bundle the long red rudder cables and smooth out any kinks. Starting in the cockpit feed the cable all the way through the black cableway tube until it emerges at the rear of the kayak Viking Profish Rudder insert rudder cable

4. The eye end of the cable should  push right to the mouth of the black cableway tube Viking Profish Rudder cable eye

5. At the rear of the kayak slide one piece of black heat shrink over the cable, then pass it through the inside hole of the rudder assembly and return it through the outside hole Viking Profish Rudder add heatshrink

6. Turn the rudder to full deflection in the opposite direction and pull all slack from the cable, then knot tight with 6 half-hitch knots. Repeat for the other side making sure you turn the rudder to full deflection in the opposite direction Viking Profish Rudder rear cable knots

7. Before trimming the cables make sure the rudder will turn fully from side to side by pulling on the cable eyes inside the kayak cockpit Viking Profish Rudder check cable length

8. When happy with the rudder movement trim off the excess cable, seal the end with a flame, then cover the knot with the shrink tube and heat shrink in place being careful not to scorch the cable Viking Profish Rudder shrink tube over rear cable knot

9. To install the toe-tabs use a pair of pliers to remove the hinge pin from a tab (they can be used on either side of the kayak) – remember to take note of the alignment of the spring, it will be put back the same way Viking Profish Rudder toe-tabs

10. Locate the toe-tab over the mount points on a footrest and start the hinge pin through the aligned holes. Put the spring in position, then push the pin all the way home. Repeat for the other side Viking Profish Rudder insert toe-tab hinge pin and spring

11. Take one of the short cords and pass the end through the small hole in the end of the pedal track. Tie a knot in the end of the cord and pull back tight Viking Profish Rudder fit short cable

12. Run the other end of the cord back towards the seat, under the foot pedal near the track and up to the top of the toe-tab Viking Profish Rudder rout short cable rear view

13. Pass the end of the cord through the small hole nearest the outside edge and pull tight to remove slack.  The cord should run in the curved groove at the back of the toe-tab Viking Profish Rudder rout short cable front view

14. Before adjusting and tying off the cord to the rudder cable have an assistant hold the rudder straight or use two blocks/heavy bottles to support it so the rudder won’t turn Viking Profish Rudder hold the rudder blade steady

15. With the rudder held steady in the mid position pass the cord from the toe-tab through the eye in the rudder cable, adjust the length so the toe-tab stands vertical, then tie off the cord with a series of alternating half-hitches (chain knot). The row of hitches creates enough length to allow the knot to be picked apart and the cord length adjusted if needed. Repeat for the other side Viking Profish Rudder final knot