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Installing a Tempo 2 rudder system

The Tempo 2 kayak uses toe-tab steering and short kick-up rudder blade in much the same way as the Profish series kayaks. The primary difference is the stainless mounting system for the rear of the kayak. This kit and instructions are for installing steering controls in the rear seating position. Please read and understand all the steps of the rudder installation before beginning. It is especially important to drill the correct diameter holes in the appropriate locations for a water tight finish.

The Tempo 2 rudder kit contents:

Tempo 2 Rudder Kit


The Tempo 2 rudder mount kit for the rear of the kayak with parts assembled as they would be when installed - please note the two stainless tube spacers that protect the mount holes in the kayak from the threaded bar:

Tempo 2 Rudder Mount Bracket


The Tempo 2 rudder mount and rudder assembly installed:

Tempo 2 Rudder Mount Bracket and Rudder in position


Drill two 10mm holes below the crossbar of the rudder mount on each side of the "step" in the rear of the Tempo 2:

Tempo 2 Rudder - drill 10mm holes


Drill a 5mm hole 30mm above the rear of each footrest track per this image:

Tempo 2 Rudder - drill 5mm holes


Use a draw cord with small nail attached and a strong magnet on the outside of the kayak to guide the 5mm black rudder tubes in through the hole above the footrests and out the appropriate hole 10mm at the rear:

Tempo 2 Rudder - insert cable tubes


The flared end of the black rudder tube should fit snugly outside the 5mm hole entering the kayak:

Tempo 2 - cable tube cockpit end


Slide a rubber grommet onto the rear end of the rudder tube:

Tempo 2 Rudder - rubber grommet


Slide the grommet along the tube until all slack is removed and the tube is tight against the 10mm hole in the rear of the Tempo 2:

Tempo 2 Rudder - slide grommet into place


Lubricate the rubber with a small amount of sealant and press home (a short piece of hard plastic or alloy tube slid over top of the black rudder tube can help with this). Once the rubber grommets are seated the black rudder tubes can be trimmed to 45 - 50mm:

Tempo 2 Rudder - rubber grommets installed


The long black rudder cables can now be inserted from the cockpit end so the crimped eyes are flush with the tube:

Tempo 2 Rudder - cable eyes


At the rear slide a piece of heat-shrink tube over the cable. Slide the cable through the inner headstock hole and back through the outer hole. Move the rudder to full deflection and knot the longest side in place after making sure all slack has been removed. Use a series of 6 - 8 alternating half hitches to tie the cable. Repeat for the other side and check the rudder deflection by alternately pulling on the cockpit ends before trimming the excess cable and applying the shrink tube over the knots for additional protection:

Tempo 2 Rudder - tie off rudder cablesTempo 2 Rudder - heat shrink cable knots


In the cockpit install the toe-tabs on top of the footrests:

Tempo 2 Rudder - install toe tabs


Drill a 3mm hole in the bottom of the footrest rail at the forward end - repeat for the other side:

Tempo 2 Rudder - 3mm hole


Install the short toe-tab cables by knotting the thick end and passing the thin end up through the 3mm hole. Slide the cord tight against the knot then along under the footrest to the paddlers side. Here it passes up the other side of the toe-tab and through the small hole in the top corner.

Tempo 2 Rudder - insert toe tab cableTempo 2 Rudder - route cable through toe tab


With the toe-tab vertical this cable can be pulled tight and knotted to the eye in the rudder cable using a series of 6 - 8 alternating half hitches. While doing this have an assistant hold the rudder blade in line with the kayak (straight ahead, not turning). Once tied and rudder deflection has been checked the cable can be trimmed and flame sealed. I like to leave 50mm of excess so cables can be retied if needed.

Tempo 2 Rudder - tie off toe tab cable