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Using a Drift Chute

Using a Drift Chute To control our rate of drift we use a “Drift Chute” or “Sea Anchor”. This is basically an underwater parachute that creates large amounts of drag, slowing the kayak down, or even bringing it to a stop.

When used from a kayak they are usually deployed off the bow (when bait fishing) of stern (when casting soft baits).

A “Running Rig” allows the kayak angler to use a Drift Chute from either end of the kayak, and also makes getting it back on board much easier by bringing the attachment point to the side of the cockpit.

Another part of the system helping make the Drift Chute easy to recover is the soft foam float attached at the small end. This keeps the Drift Chute on the surface and stops it sinking below the kayak (also an important safety feature, greatly reducing the risk of a roll-over)

To get the Drift Chute back on board simply grab the rim of the large opening and let the water stream out as you lift it up sideways, or even better grab the float at the rear. This will let you lift the Drift Chute easily out of the water backwards.

To stow it away the best technique is to fold in half length ways, and then starting from the small end, roll it up over top of the float. Continue to roll until the attachment ropes have also been wound around the Drift chute and it’s ready to go behind the seat or in the pocket of the Insulated Cover.

To deploy again, simply throw out away from the kayak and it will unroll ready for action.