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Fish Finders, VHF, Electric Motors - Battery 10Ah Lithium Rechargable


10 amp hour LiFePO4 light weight battery for running Fish finders, lights, live-bait pumps, etc.

These batteries weigh just 1.7kg compared with 3.85kg for the equivalent in sealed lead acid, that's a huge weight saving!

Advanced technology saves considerable weight and allows the use of high drain equipment. This battery also has a built-in management system. This protects against deep discharge and over current making it perfectly suited to kayak use.

Capacity is equivalent to a 20Ah SLA battery cycling at the recommended 50% to protect against damage.

Supplied with a dedicated charger included in the price.

  • Built-in BMS to protect the battery
  • Designed to allow high current drain devices 
  • Just 1.7kg

PLU 2158