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Fishing Tackle - Berkley Gulp Soft Baits 6inch Grub - Nuclear Chick


Berkley Gulp Soft Baits 6" Grub - Nuclear Chicken

Viking kayaks pro-staff fishing team rate this as one of their most sucessfull softbaits, great to cast into the shallows as well as deep drops.

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400 times more scent than any other plastic bait!

The Berkley Gulp Soft Bait is designed to have a unique swimming tail action that is irresistible to any saltwater species. This soft bait is made from 100% all natural compound and releases 400 times more scent than other scented plastic baits. It has been proven that fish can detect Gulp baits scents from distances that even live bait can't match. They are also designed to look and move like the real thing which makes them even more irresistible to fish. They are highly durable and will be able to withstand multiple strikes.

Berkley Gulp Soft Bait Features:

  • Enticing swimming tail action
  • Rapid scent dispersal entices fish to feed
  • Realistic mullet shape
  • Size: 6in
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