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Kayak Fishing - Viking Live Bait Tackle Pod


The new Twin Tackle Pod combines a Live bait tank at one end and a dry tackle storage compartment at the other. 

The Twin Tackle Pod will fit in to all Viking Profish Reload and Profish GT kayaks. The ideal Tackle Pod to have for fishing trips when targeting Kingfish and other large fish.

The two parts are bolted togeter as standard. It comes with a pump fitted and water is feed into the compartment closest to the paddler (the video below is of an early prototype and shows the smaller, front compartment being flooded, it also shows a switch which isn't standard). To power up the pump simply connect the battery.

Read more about how this great idea works here in our blog  : Viking Livey Pod prototype as tested by Stephen Tapp

Transducer compatibility guide:

The following sounders/transducers fit the Reload Tackle Pod:
All Lowrance sounders using the following transducers:
83/200 kHz skimmer
50/200 kHz skimmer
83/200/455/800 kHz broadband skimmer
50/200/455/800 kHz broadband skimmer
Please note the Lowrance side imaging Structure Scan transducer is too long to fit.
All Humminbird transducers tested to date fit, including the compact down imaging, side imaging, and XD transducers
The latest Raymarine Dragonfly transducer will fit (just) provided the stem is left free sliding rather than locked forward. The original (old model) Dragonfly transducer is an easy fit.
The standard Garmin transducers tested to date fit, the large down imaging transducers may fit, but this has yet to be confirmed.
The Fruno compact 83/200 kHz transducer fits.


Also comes without pump at lower cost.


or 6 payments of $66.50 click for details