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Kayak Fishing Competition - Kayak Fishing Competitions


Please scroll to the bottom of the page to enter. 

The headquarters for the competition is at the Tikipuna Tavern be there by 7pm Friday evening before the comp for the compulsory briefing and again by 3pm Sunday for weigh in and prize giving. 

The earlybird prize for 2020 is a Bixpy Jet electric motor worth over $2000, enter before September 30th to be in to win! 

**This is also the first competition in the Champion Kayak Angler series which also includes the Taranaki Classic, Eastern Bay of Plenty Club Comp and the  Bounty Hunter Comp

- the Bounty Hunter comp is an open comp including boats and land based, this means you can use a Bixpy motor or other forms of propulsion on your kayak if you wish to. 

2018 winner of the series - Paul Roundtree
2019 winner of the series - Laurie Pottinger
2020 winner of the series - ????

DETAILS FOR SERIES ARE AT BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE. It's free to enter, the more comps you weigh in at the better chances of winning.

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Sign in and briefing (compulsory) Friday 13th Nov 7:00pm at the Tikipunga Tavern, Whangarei

Competition times from:
5:00am Sat 14th Nov
to 3:00pm Sun 15th Nov

Weigh-in is Sunday 15th Nov – opens 1:00pm, closes at 3:00pm sharp.

Please read and understand all rules for this event. If you are unsure of any point or have questions contact the organiser. It is each angler’s responsibility to comply with these rules, all MPI fishing regulations, and any fishing or access restrictions or closures (e.g. Marine Reserves, Harbour and Port restrictions).

Key Points:

  • Target Species:
    • Snapper 30cm or longer
    • Kingfish 75cm or longer
    • Trevally 25cm or longer
    • Kahawai 500g or heavier
    • Anglers may only weigh one fish of each species (sort your fish BEFORE entering the weigh station)
    • Safety briefing Friday night is compulsory – start time 7:00pm
    • Start fishing:  05:00am Saturday
    • There is only one weigh-in; this will be on Sunday afternoon
    • Weigh-in time: anglers must be in the weigh station queue BEFORE the 3:00PM cut off (opens at 1:00pm)
    • Weigh station is located at Tikipunga Tavern, 3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei
    • Every angler must report to the weigh station on Sunday to sign in, whether or not they are weighing fish. If unable to make it for some reason they must phone the Weigh Master’s team on 027 4781 734 to report their safe return. Failure to do so will render the competitor ineligible for prizes.
    • Prize Giving will begin at approximately 4:00pm or as soon as the results have been collated.

Contact details:
Work hours: phone Viking Kayaks 07 888 8747
Grant: 027 478 1734 

Dial 111 and request the appropriate service
Coastguard on water assistance: mobile dial *500 or relevant VHF channel
Emergency VHF channel: VHF 16

Prize Categories

1. Heaviest Snapper
2. Second Heaviest Snapper
3. Third Heaviest Snapper
4. Heaviest Kingfish
5. Second Heaviest Kingfish
6. Third Heaviest Kingfish
7. Heaviest Trevally
8. Second Heaviest Trevally
9. Third Heaviest Trevally
10. Heaviest Kahawai
11. Second Heaviest Kahawai
12. Third Heaviest Kahawai
13. Average Weight Snapper
14. Grand Slam
15. Profish 35 draw prize – Viking Kayaks Profish 35 kayak (this can be upgraded to another model if you wish, by paying the difference in value).
17. Early bird prize of a $2100 Bixpy Electric jet motor – for entries received and paid in full by 17:00 Monday 30th September 2019. 

Contest Rules:

1. The contest is restricted to human powered kayaks only (paddling, peddling, or poling). Any other form of watercraft or propulsion (including sail) is prohibited. No ferrying of kayaks or an anglers catch by other craft is permitted. All fish submitted for weigh-in are to have been caught by the angler while on the water and fishing from a kayak, then transported to shore by that kayak. In the event a competitor has needed rescue an application may be made to the weighmaster to have their fish considered for the event - the application must be received and acknowledged by the weighmaster prior to close of weigh-in 3:00pm Sunday.

2. Only rods or hand lines fished from a kayak may be used.  A maximum of two hooks is allowed per rod or hand line. Treble hooks are permitted only on artificial lures. It is not permitted to use long lines or other fishing systems not held directly by the angler or kayak.

3. The contest boundaries are from Mangawai Heads on the east coast, Pouto Point (Kaipara Harbour) on the west coast, and extend north on both coasts to encompass all of Northland. All contest fishing must be carried out within these boundaries only. No fishing is allowed within any Marine Reserve or other officially prohibited areas.

4. The contest registration will commence at 5:00pm followed by the safety briefing at 7:00pm Friday 08th of November 2019 at the Tikipunga Tavern, 3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei. Attendance is compulsory for all contestants.

5. Entries are limited to 150. No further entries will be accepted after 8.00pm on Thursday 7th of November 2019, or after 150 entries are received, whichever is first.

6. To be eligible for receipt of prizes anglers must be registered to enter the contest, attend the safety briefing, report their return at the weigh station on Sunday, and must be present at the official prize giving to claim prizes.

7. The official contest fishing period commences at 5:00am Saturday November 09th, and finishes at 3:00 pm Sunday 10th of November 2019. Any fish caught outside these times are not eligible for weigh-in.

8. The contest weigh-in station will be at the Tikipunga Tavern, 3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whanagei.

9. There will be one weigh-in only (no Saturday weigh-in). Anglers must be present in the weigh station queue BEFORE 3.00pm on Sunday 10th of November 2019. Anglers who are not present at the weigh station by the stated time will not be permitted to weigh their fish. The weigh master will be the sole judge of time.

  • NOTE: All anglers must report to the weigh station to sign in regardless of whether they have fish to weigh or not. Failure to report to the weigh station or to contact the Weigh Master’s team on 027 4781 734 will render the competitor ineligible for prizes.

10. All fish presented for weigh in must be a minimum of 500gm in weight, and additionally for this contest, the minimum length for snapper shall be 30cm regardless of which coast it was captured on. All fish submitted for weighing shall comply with the NZ Amateur Fishing Regulations

11. Any competitor weighing in under size fish will be excluded from the competition.

12. Fish deemed not to be in food fresh condition will be rejected from weighing.

13. No contestant may weigh-in more than one fish of each species for the competition. All fish submitted are to have been caught by that angler, i.e. contestants must not weigh fish caught by team mates or other anglers.

14. (rule stating you must carry your ticket has been removed)

15. The main contest draw prize will be won by the contestant whose entry form number is drawn at random from all the eligible anglers’ entry form numbers during the official prize giving on Sunday 10th of November 2019.

16. The Early Bird Spot Prize will be won by the contestant whose entry form number is drawn at random from all the “Early Bird” entries during the official prize giving on Sunday 10th of November. (Note: Only contest entries received and paid for no later than 17:00 30th September shall qualify for this prize).

17. The Species Grand Slam prize will be awarded to the angler who weighs in the most variety of the four eligible species. Where more than one angler weighs all four species the one with the heaviest combined weight for all four fish is the winner. In the event more than one angler has the same combined weight the angler weighing their catch first is deemed the winner.

18. Prizes will be given for the heaviest 3 fish of each species category weighed-in during the contest period. The eligible species are: Kingfish, Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally.

19. If two or more fish of the same species are weighed-in at equal weights then the first fish that was submitted for weighing shall be deemed the heaviest. The second fish weighed-in at that weight shall then become second, the third fish weighed-in shall become third, and so on.

20. (Rule deleted)

21. All prizes will be won. Any prize category where a catch has not been weighed will be drawn. Contestants must be present to claim a draw prize. Unclaimed prizes will be turned into draw prizes.

22. The organisers reserve the right to cancel fishing, or change the fishing times on one or both days of the competition. Competitors will be advised of any such changes during the Friday safety briefing.

23. In the event of cancellation after the contest briefing or once the contest has begun, best effort will be made to contact all competitors via text to their nominated mobile phone contact number. In this situation no fish will be weighed for the contest, but all contestants must still report to the weigh station and sign in by 3:00pm Sunday 10th November 2019.

  • NOTE: failure to report to the weigh station or to contact the Weigh Master’s team on 027 4781 734 will render the competitor ineligible for prizes.

24. In the event of cancelation all prizes will be drawn, all prizes must be won.

25. All matters on which these rules are silent shall be determined at the discretion of the organizer.

26. Competitors’ details may be used for advertising purposes.

27. The purchasing of an entry in the Northland Kayak Fishing Classic constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations of the contest, and participants agree to abide by the decisions of the Organizer. No correspondence will be entered into.

28. Corporate tickets: the organizers may from time to time issue corporate entry tickets to invited guests, sponsors, and members of the organizing committee. Corporate ticket holders are not eligible to claim any spot prizes or major draw prizes. They are eligible to claim prizes from fish species they have weighed in.

Note: These rules may be revised as deemed necessary by the Organizing Committee. Contestants will be duly notified of any changes.

Travel times guide

Approximate travel times between popular kayaking destinations and the Weigh Station at Tikipunga Tavern, 3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei. These are a guide only and actual travel times will vary significantly depending on road conditions and travelling speeds. It is the anglers responsibility to ensure they’re present in the weigh-in queue BEFORE 3:00pm on Sunday.

  • Mangawai Heads (south eastern boundary) 1:05
  • Langs Beach (Bream Bay) 0:55
  • Ruakaka (Bream Bay) 0:35
  • Urquarts Bay (north side Whangarei Harbour) 0:45
  • Tutukaka 0:25
  • Whananaki 0:45
  • Oakura 0:50
  • Rawhiti 1:25
  • Opito Bay (Bay of Islands) 1:20
  • Matauri Bay 1:30
  • Hihi (Doubtless Bay) 1:50
  • Whatuwhiwhi (Doubtless Bay) 2:15
  • Ahipara (west coast) 2:16
  • Opononi  (Hokianga Harbour) 1:45
  • Pouto Point (south western boundary) 2:05


Some areas of Northland, particularly on the western side and in the Far North are subject to heavy currents and rapidly changeable conditions. Paddlers new to the region must seek local advice before the competition, and must be particularly wary of the following:

  • West coast beaches are subject to significant and changeable surf conditions depending on wind and tide. A change of tide will often see conditions change from workable to unworkable in less than an hour.
  • All harbours are subject to strong tidal currents. Be aware of rapidly changing wind against tide conditions creating heavy chop, and extreme care is needed if anchoring. Strong tidal flows in areas of the Hokianga and Kaipara harbours in particular may be unworkable at all times other than slack water.
  • The western and northern coasts to North Cape can be subject to very strong currents. Scott Point, Cape Maria van Diemen, and the coast from Cape Rienga to North Cape may be unworkable when currents and tide combine, and also in conditions where wind opposes water flow. These areas are a long way from assistance and should only be attempted by those with appropriate knowledge and experience.
  • It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate skills, expertise, and equipment before launching their kayak. If in doubt contact the organiser or an experienced kayak angler with local knowledge for advice and guidance.

Safety Rules

1. Solo fishing is discouraged. Contestants are advised to buddy up with another angler or group. The organizers will be pleased to assist in arranging partners if required.
2. At least one form of electronic communication (cell phone of VHF radio) is required for each angler or group. The cell phone number or VHF call sign will be recorded on the registration forms of the respective contestants.
3. The marine distress channel is VHF Channel 16.
4. For emergency assistance via mobile phone dial 111.
5. On-water mobile phone contact for Coastguard is *500
6. Be aware that some Coastguard VHF channels have changed as of 1 October 2016. The Coastguard channels applicable to the competition area are:

  • Whangarei CH: 05
  • Whangaruru / Tutukaka CH: 62
  • Bay of Islands CH: 04
  • Whangaroa CH: 05
  • Kaipara CH: 01
  • North Kaipara CH: 61, 66
  • Hokianga CH: 65

7. It shall be the responsibility of each contestant to determine that launching and fishing conditions at the locations they choose to fish are safe for their craft, personal abilities, and level of safety equipment carried.
8. All contestants shall be required to confirm and sign at registration time that they have the following mandatory safety equipment in order to be eligible to fish the contest.
9. The Organizers reserve the right to carry out random inspections of kayaks to ensure they are seaworthy, and have the necessary safety equipment and communication equipment on board.
10. For a full list of the new Coastguard VHF channels go to:
11. For a full list of the new Coastguard VHF Nowcasting Weather Information Channels go to:

 Mandatory Safety Equipment

  • Approved PFD/Life Jacket (to be worn at all times on the water)
  • Communication (cell phone and or/VHF radio)
  • Distress whistle (attached to PFD)
  • Tow Line/Anchor Rope
  • Hand Bailer Pump (not required for sit- on-top kayaks)
  • Paddle Rescue Float (not required for sit-on-top kayaks)
  • Sit-In Kayaks must have sealed bulkheads or buoyancy bags bow & stern

 Optional and highly recommended

  • White Navigation Light or Torch (mandatory if night fishing)
  • Flares & Signalling Mirror
  • PLB or EPIRB Locator Beacon
  • Hi-Viz Kayak Safety Flag
  • Spare paddle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Sun Screen
  • Sun Hat & Sun Glasses
  • Food & Water

 Note: These rules may be revised as deemed necessary by the Organizer. Contestants will be duly notified of any changes.

No refunds within 30 days of Competition.  

Viking Kayaks Fishing Series:

This years prize is a Mothership trip on the legendary Bounty Hunter, ask anyone who has done one how good this is!!

The Viking Kayaks Fishing Series is an annual competition drawing results from a number of separate events for kayak anglers each year. Participants will be ranked 1st to 10th for each eligible species at each eligible event, and points awarded based on this ranking. These points then accumulate over the series, and the winner will be the kayak angler with the highest total score. There is no set number of events that must be attended, but it is in each angler’s interest to attend as many events as possible. Remember it is accumulated points based on your species and event rankings that count. One or two monster fish won’t necessarily win you the series, but consistently ranking well across the species at as many events as possible probably will.

Good luck to all participants from the team at Viking Kayaks

Contest Rules

  1. These rules are additional to the rules and regulations for each of the individual competitions in the series. With the exception of eligible species, where there is a conflict in rules between the individual event and the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series the rules of the individual event take precedence.
  2. Where rules are silent or in dispute a ruling will be made by the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series organizer. This ruling will be final and no correspondence will be entered into.
  3. The Viking Kayak Fishing Series is an individual angler event. While eligible events may have teams categories, points accrued/awarded in the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series are on an individual basis only
  4. All fish submitted for this event must be captured and transported to the weigh/measure station by the individual angler. Swapping or sharing of catches between anglers or individual event team members is not permitted.
  5. There are three species eligible for points. Anglers may weigh/measure one fish only of each eligible species. Eligible species are:
    1. Snapper
    2. Kingfish
    3. Trevally
  6. In all cases MPI fishing regulations apply. Be aware that individual competitions may have larger size regulations that must be adhered to. In these situations the larger size of that event becomes the minimum acceptable for accruing points for the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series. Fish smaller than the minimum size accepted for that individual event will not be weighed/measured/recorded/scored for the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series.
  7. Any competitor weighing/measuring undersize or excess fish, or fish not caught in compliance with MPI fishing regulations may be disqualified from the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series.
  8. If an individual event is cancelled for any reason the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series points will not be counted for that event.  No fish weighed or measured during any event that is ultimately cancelled will be eligible for points; all anglers participating in an event that is ultimately cancelled will not be awarded points for that event.
  9. If an individual event is postponed to a new or reserve date, the results and points from the new date will count towards the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series (any fish caught on the date of the original postponed event are NOT eligible for scoring/points towards the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series)
  10. Entry into the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series is free, but registration is required. Contestants may register at any stage prior to the final event by contacting and supplying their full name, contact phone number, and email address. It is the contestants responsibility to ensure their ticket number and weigh station results from eligible events prior to registration are sent to 
  11. It is the responsibility of each competitor to ensure they have correctly paid and entered the individual events of the series. In doing so each competitor must comply with the rules and regulations of that event.
  12. Only fish weights, measurements, or angler rankings provided by each of the eligible events will be used for the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series. These results will be final, and no discussion will be entered into – it is the responsibility of each angler to ensure their catch is weighed/measured and recorded correctly at each individual event.
  13. Prize giving for the Series will be held at the Northland Kayak Fishing Classic.
  14. The angler with the most points will win the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series. In the event of a draw between two anglers the winner will be determined by coin toss. Where 3 or more anglers have identical points the winner will be determined by random number draw.
  15. The points system is as follows - the points will be awarded for the anglers heaviest (best ranking) fish of each eligible species, 3 species in total per event. Where an angler catches/weighs/records more than one fish per species only the top ranking fish will be eligible for points.
    1. 1st Heaviest for each species = 10 points per event
    2. 2nd Heaviest for each species = 9 points per event
    3. 3rd Heaviest for each species = 8 points per event
    4. 4th Heaviest for each species = 7 points per event
    5. 5th Heaviest for each species = 6 points per event
    6. 6th Heaviest for each species = 5 points per event
    7. 7th Heaviest for each species = 4 points per event
    8. 8th Heaviest for each species = 3 points per event
    9. 9th Heaviest for each species = 2 points per event
    10. 10th Heaviest for each species = 1 point per event
  16. Points for all events count. It is in the interest of each Viking Kayaks Fishing Series competitor to participate in as many events as possible and accrue as many points as possible. There is no penalty for missing an event other than no points will be accumulated.
  17. Safety Rules
    1. Solo fishing is discouraged. Contestants are advised to adopt the 'buddy system', staying with another angler or group.
    2. Every competitor must have at least one form of electronic communication - mobile phone / VHF radio
    3. It shall be the sole responsibility of each contestant to determine that launching and fishing conditions at the locations they choose are safe for their craft and personal capabilities.
    4. All contestants are required to confirm they have the following mandatory safety equipment in order to be eligible to fish the Viking Kayaks Fishing Series. Spot checks may be carried out by the organisers or weighmaster, those found without these items may be disqualified from the Series.
      • Approved PFD/Life Jacket (to be worn at all times on the water) by everyone using a Kayak.
      • Means of raising alarm in an emergency (mobile phone / VHF radio / PLB / EPIRB / SPOT). Carrying distress flares or strobes is highly recommended.
      • Approved navigation light, headlamp, or torch if fishing in low light conditions
      • Distress Whistle or noise making device (attached to PFD).
      • Tow Line or anchor system that may be used in lieu of a tow line.
      • Hand bailer or pump (not required for sit-on top kayaks).
      • Basic first aid.
    5. Carrying the following safety items is highly recommended:
      • rescue knife
      • compass or means of navigating in low visibility (e.g. GPS)
      • sea anchor / drift chute
      • anchor
      • paddle leash
      • additional warm clothing and/or wind protection
      • additional water and food

 Please note: these rules are correct at the time of publishing but may be updated from time to time at the organiser’s discretion. Notification of any updates or variations will be sent to the competitors contact email address.



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