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Life Jackets, Lights, Flags, Safety - Yak PFD - High Back Fishing


The ultimate buoyancy aid for your next touring or fishing adventure, the High Back 60N provides the most advanced solutions in comfort technology design. It’s raised back profile buoyancy placement means that no matter what type of kayak you are in you can be assure of its comfort properties.

In addition the High Back 60N provides breathable air mesh air flow technology helping you stay cool on even the warmest of days and a sculpted foam design helping to ensure the buoyancy aid moulds to the shape of your body to help ensure you are as fresh and comfortable when you arrive as when you set out.

Available sizes: S/M, L/XXL

PFDs padding are the same size the difference are the straps. Pick S/M only if it for a small adult, otherwise pick L/XXL

Please put size in notes section when you complete your order at check out.


  • Adjustable shoulders
  • Twin waist adjustment
  • Multiple attachment points 
  • Extra-large front pockets
  • High back buoyancy for increased comfort when using a seat
  • Breathable mesh lower back and internal lining for better air flow
  • Reflective highlights  



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