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Kayaks - Kayak Fishing Competition Oct 21-23 2022


Please scroll to the bottom of the page to enter. 

Dates for 2022 are on Labour Weekend, 21-23 October: NOTE - If there are travel restrictions due to COVID-19 that prevents you from attending your entry fee will be refunded.
You MUST register in person at the Tikipuna Tavern, once registered from 2pm Friday you can start fishing, if you can't make it to the Tavern by 5pm call Grant on 0274 781 734 and he will arrange to meet you at the Top 10 Holiday park Whangarei to register there.
Weigh-in closes Sunday 4pm.



Keep your catch in primo condition. We will have a chiller on Friday full of salt ice. Pre-orders are just $3.00 per 5kg bag, or cash on the day is $5/bag. Be organised and save money, Pre-order HERE

Keep your fish in top condition by getting them under salt ice asap, please make sure you have access to a large enough Chilly Bin and have ice to last two days for your prize-winning Kingfish and monster Northland Snapper! Don't be the person turning up at the weigh station with rank fish :(

You can fish anywhere legally allowed, Bixpy motors and other propulsion systems are allowed.

Registration and weigh-in is at the Tikipuna Tavern  3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei.

Registration must be completed in person at the tavern between 2pm - 5pm Friday.
The requirement to come to the tavern is to give all competitors the same fair starting point and to ensure you have understood the rules and safety instructions. If you can't make it to the Tavern by 5pm call Grant on 0274 781 734 and he will arrange to meet you at the Top 10 Holiday park Whangarei to register there.

***You can start fishing as soon as you have registered***

Weigh is from 2pm to 4pm Sunday, prize giving starts straight after. 

The Earlybird prize for 2021 is your choice between a Bixpy Jet electric motor worth over $2000 OR 5 Day Bounty hunter Charter.  Enter before September 1st to be in to win! 

Please download and use the Coastguard app, especially if you don't have a VHF radio. It’s a free app available on Apple and Android devices and a great way of logging a trip report.

No refunds within 30 days of Competition. (Unless there are travel restrictions due to COVID-19, then entry fees are refunded)

Key Points:

    • Snapper 30cm or longer
    • Kingfish 75cm or longer
    • Trevally 25cm or longer
    • Kahawai 500g or heavier
    • Anglers may only weigh one fish of each species (sort your fish BEFORE entering the weigh station)
    • Start fishing: As soon as you have registered on Friday from 2pm
    • There is only one weigh-in; this will be on Sunday, 2-4pm
    • Weigh station is located at Tikipunga Tavern, 3 Wanaka Street, Tikipunga, Whangarei
    • Every angler must report to the weigh station on Sunday to sign in, whether or not they are weighing fish. If unable to make it for some reason they must phone the Weigh Master’s team on 027 4781 734 to report their safe return. Failure to do so will render the competitor ineligible for prizes.
    • Bixpy motors, sails and other forms of propulsion are allowed provide the vessel is commonly recognised as a kayak, Grants decision on whether it's a kayak or not is final....if not sure, please ask before the comp starts.

Contact details:
Grant: 027 478 1734 

Dial 111 and request the appropriate service
Coastguard on water assistance: mobile dial *500 or relevant VHF channel
Emergency VHF channel: VHF 16

Prize Categories

1. Heaviest Snapper
2. Second Heaviest Snapper
3. Third Heaviest Snapper
4. Heaviest Kingfish
5. Second Heaviest Kingfish
6. Third Heaviest Kingfish
7. Heaviest Trevally
8. Second Heaviest Trevally
9. Third Heaviest Trevally
10. Heaviest Kahawai
11. Second Heaviest Kahawai
12. Third Heaviest Kahawai
13. Snapper closest to 3.5kgs
14. Grand Slam
15. Early bird prize of a Bixpy Electric jet motor OR Bounty Hunter Charter – for entries received and paid in full by Sept 1st 2021. 

Contest Rules:

1. No ferrying of kayaks or anglers catch by other craft is permitted. All fish submitted for weigh-in are to have been caught by the angler while on the water and fishing from a kayak, then transported to shore by that kayak. In the event a competitor has needed rescue an application may be made to the weighmaster to have their fish considered for the event - the application must be received and acknowledged by the weighmaster prior to close of weigh-in 4:00 pm Sunday.

2. Only rods or hand lines fished from a kayak may be used.  A maximum of two hooks is allowed per rod or hand line. Treble hooks are permitted only on artificial lures. It is not permitted to use long lines or other fishing systems not held directly by the angler or kayak.

3. There will be one weigh-in only (no Saturday weigh-in). Anglers must be present in the weigh station queue BEFORE 4.00 pm on Sunday. Anglers who are not present at the weigh station by the stated time will not be permitted to weigh their fish. The weigh master will be the sole judge of time.

4. All fish presented for weigh-in must be in good, edible condition so ensure you put your fish on ice asap (the weighmaster will be the sole judge of this and their decision is final) and a minimum of 500gm in weight, the minimum length for snapper is 30cm. All fish submitted for weighing shall comply with the NZ Amateur Fishing Regulations

5. No contestant may weigh in more than one fish of each species for the competition. All fish submitted are to have been caught by that angler, i.e. contestants must not weigh fish caught by teammates or other anglers.

6. The Species Grand Slam prize will be awarded to the angler who weighs in the most variety of the four eligible species. Where more than one angler weighs all four species the one with the heaviest combined weight for all four fish is the winner. In the event, more than one angler has the same combined weight the angler weighing their catch first is deemed the winner.

7. Prizes will be given for the heaviest 3 fish of each species category weighed in during the contest period. The eligible species are Kingfish, Snapper, Kahawai, Trevally.

8. If two or more fish of the same species are weighed in at equal weights then the first fish that was submitted for weighing shall be deemed the heaviest. The second fish weighed-in at that weight shall then become second, the third fish weighed-in shall become third, and so on.

9. The organisers reserve the right to cancel fishing or change the fishing times on one or all days of the competition. 

10. In the event of cancellation after the contest briefing or once the contest has begun, the best effort will be made to contact all competitors via text to their nominated mobile phone contact number. In this situation no fish will be weighed for the contest, prize giving will still go ahead with prizes drawn at random.

11. All matters on which these rules are silent shall be determined at the discretion of the organizer.

12. The purchasing of an entry in the Northland Kayak Fishing Classic constitutes acceptance of the rules and regulations of the contest, and participants agree to abide by the decisions of the Organizer. No correspondence will be entered into.

13. Please read and understand all rules for this event. If you are unsure of any point or have questions contact the organiser. It is each angler’s responsibility to comply with these rules, all MPI fishing regulations, and any fishing or access restrictions or closures (e.g. Marine Reserves, Harbour and Port restrictions).

Note: These rules may be revised as deemed necessary by the Organizing Committee. Contestants must check here for any updates up to the start of the comp.


Some areas of Northland, particularly on the western side and in the Far North are subject to heavy currents and rapidly changeable conditions. Paddlers new to the region must seek local advice before the competition, and must be particularly wary of the following:

  • West coast beaches are subject to significant and changeable surf conditions depending on wind and tide. A change of tide will often see conditions change from workable to unworkable in less than an hour.
  • All harbours are subject to strong tidal currents. Be aware of rapidly changing wind against tide conditions creating heavy chop, and extreme care is needed if anchoring. Strong tidal flows in areas of the Hokianga and Kaipara harbours, in particular, may be unworkable at all times other than slack water.
  • The western and northern coasts to North Cape can be subject to very strong currents. Scott Point, Cape Maria van Diemen, and the coast from Cape Rienga to North Cape may be unworkable when currents and tide combine, and also in conditions where wind opposes water flow. These areas are a long way from assistance and should only be attempted by those with appropriate knowledge and experience.
  • It is the angler’s responsibility to ensure they have the appropriate skills, expertise, and equipment before launching their kayak. If in doubt contact the organiser or an experienced kayak angler with local knowledge for advice and guidance.

Safety Rules

1. Solo fishing is discouraged. Contestants are advised to buddy up with another angler or group. 
2. At least one form of electronic communication (cell phone of VHF radio) is required.
3. The marine distress channel is VHF Channel 16.
4. For emergency assistance via mobile phone dial 111.
5. On-water mobile phone contact for Coastguard is *500
6. It shall be the responsibility of each contestant to determine that launching and fishing conditions at the locations they choose to fish are safe for their craft, personal abilities, and level of safety equipment carried.
7. All contestants shall be required to confirm and sign at registration time that they have the following mandatory safety equipment in order to be eligible to fish in the contest.
8. The Organizers reserve the right to carry out random inspections of kayaks to ensure they are seaworthy and have the necessary safety equipment and communication equipment on board.
9. For a full list of the new Coastguard VHF channels go to:
10. For a full list of the new Coastguard VHF Nowcasting Weather Information Channels go to:

 Mandatory Safety Equipment

  • Approved PFD/Life Jacket (to be worn at all times on the water)
  • Communication (cell phone and or/VHF radio)
  • Tow Line/Anchor Rope
  • Hand Bailer Pump (Sit-In Kayaks only)
  • Paddle Rescue Float (Sit-In Kayaks only)
  • Sit-In Kayaks must have sealed bulkheads or buoyancy bags bow & stern

 Optional and highly recommended

Good luck to all participants from the team at Viking Kayaks

 Please note: these rules are correct at the time of publishing but may be updated from time to time at the organiser’s discretion. 



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