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Kayaks - Profish GT - Bixpy Electric Powered


This fantastic combination of the ultra stable Profish GT and the incredible Bixpy Jet electric motor makes for the ultimate in hands free fishing and cruising!

Enjoy hours of silent kayaking at speeds of up to 8-9kph, whether it's for fishing, photography or just a relaxing cruise. 

The advantages of the Bixpy over pedal powered kayaks are many, but the main things you will enjoy are:

  • Light weight at 26kg (pedal kayaks are often over 50kg - try lifting that onto your car!)

  • Totally hands free (pedal kayaks require one hand to control the rudder steering)

  • Able to hold into the wind or current by turning the rudder left or right - pedal kayaks are driven from the middle of the kayak, not the rear - this means as soon as the wind pushs you off your holding position, you need to pedal in a big circle to try and get back in position (e.g. trying to stay over a good fishing spot)

  • Maintenance free brushless motor. Pedal drives have many moving parts and bearings that need maintenance.

  • The Bixpy powered Viking Profish GT is very easy to paddle if you want to.
    This is beause your seating position is lower, therefore the kayak doesn't need to be so wide to feel stable.
    Pedal kayaks, due to needing a raised seat that is adjustable for different leg lengths to reach the pedals, need to be very wide to feel stable enough. This makes for a heavy and difficult kayak to paddle which also gets pushed around in wind due to being high sided.

  • The cockpit is still free for a Tackle Pod to carry your fishing gear or other items you want quick and easy access to - pedal drive kayaks have this valuable space taken up with the pedal drive units. (Fishing lines, especially braid, love to get tangled around pedals)


  • Kayak weight 26kg
  • Length 3.6m
  • Motor including battery and
    rudder system 5.4kg

Comes complete with:

  • Bixpy Jet motor, battery and wireless control
  • Deluxe backrest seat
  • Propelz Speed Paddle
  • Tackle Pod
  • Lots of Viking Mojo...