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Profish Reload E - Bixpy Electric Jet
Profish GT E - Bixpy Electric Jet
Profish 400 E - Bixpy Electric Jet
Profish Reload -Premium Fishing Kayak
Profish 440 - Diving & Fishing Kayak
$2,003.00 $1,899.00
Profish 400-Light weight Fishing Kayak
Profish GT - Ultra Stable Fishing Kayak
Profish 35 - Compact Fishing Kayak
Espri Angler - Family Fishing Kayak
Tempo 2 - Specialized Double Fishing Kayak
Viking 2 + 1 - Double,Triple or Solo
Espri - Family & Cruising Kayak
Nemo - Family Fun Kayak
Ozzie - Light & Stable Family Kayak
Viking Lagoon - Children & Smaller Adults Kayak
Javlin 14 - All round ski
Oxygen 5.7 Ski - Fitness & Touring
$1,749.00 $1,699.00
Kayak Fishing Competition Oct 23-25 2020

What our customers say:

The best fishing kayak on the market and simply the best hull design I have paddled hands down. I would trust my life offshore to the craftsmanship of a Viking Reload. The Viking I honestly believe is better made and has a more efficient hull design for offshore runs. The kayak simply makes sense in terms of layout. The Viking is the only kayak I have gotten and not wanted to sell within a year or two. It does what the others can’t. Justin L

Viking Kayaks are the finest fishing kayaks on the market. They are also NZ made which gives me confidence. The 30 Year warranty says I can trust the Kayak and the people. Nicholas J

I’ve been absolutely impressed with all my dealings with Viking. I very much appreciate all your help! All the best, Neil M

The Viking Profish Reload is probably the best fishing kayak on the market. It is really comfortable and very stable and completely at home in a rough sea to a flat calm lake. Barry C

"After a year researching different brands, the Viking product stood out above the rest. I have just purchased the Profish Reload. What can I say, outstanding!" Thanks, Andrew.

Up until I purchased my Viking I had not seen any designs that truly compelled me to seek anything different than what I already had. In fact, I think many new designs have unacceptable trade-offs e.g. wide, heavy and slow, limited storage for fish, gear, & rods; high freeboard & windage; poor rocker and bow design. Viking addresses all these concerns.
I've since spent many hours reading reviews & testimonials [about the Viking Profish Reload], looking at photos, watching videos, and studying the Reload design.  I'm convinced this is the best combination of intelligent design, performance, weight, durability, convenience, seaworthiness, and storage.  I'm also attracted to the strong warranty.
Finally, I'm also attracted to the partnering with Bixpy Jet, which appears to be the most logical and cleanest propulsion system I've seen to date.  Certainly an option for hands-free fishing and an alternative to heavy pedal drives! James, San Diego, USA