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Evolution into the Profish™ Reload… Yahoo!
3:42PM 28th Nov 13

When asked if he would tell us why, after more than 30 years kayak fishing, he is as excited by the new Profish­™ Reload as he was when he custom rigged his first ever fishingkayak...Stephen Tapp provided us with the below answer which, as we countdown to the official public launch, we want to share with you. This will give you a greater understanding of how this fishing kayak differs from all others. 

Stephen Tapp, breif bio - New Zealand's most well known and experienced kayak angler. He has been writing for NZ's top fishing magazine (New Zealand Fishing News) since 2004 and has been fishing from, and improving kayaks for over 20 years. With his wealth of experience and friendly manner, you can ask him pretty much anything on the subject and you will get the information and advice you're after...

(Stephen Tapp in his element )

Stephens reply begins...

"It’s nearly here, stable, sleek, and set to become top predator amongst the ocean waves. This is a fishing kayak I’ve long dreamed about finally becoming a reality. The Profish™ Reload is a combination of brilliant fishing features with a performance edge that will allow exploration of new horizons. It’s so exciting I’m finding it hard to sit still!

In fact for me personally this is a large part of what joining the team here at Viking Kayaks has been about, the opportunity to help design what I believe is one of the finest blue water fishing kayaks it’s possible to own. I’ve been given the opportunity to put my 30-plus years of kayaking and fishing experience to good use and help build into the new Profish™ Reload the features that will define it:

  • Easy padding – designed and shaped from forward of the cockpit to side scallops beside the seat to give a magically comfortable paddle stroke. On a stable fishing kayak this is trickier than it sounds, but makes it so much easier to maintain your paddling rhythm when cruising out wide.
  • Stability and speed – the perfect combination of enough stability to comfortably target sport and game fish while allowing hull speeds ideal for trolling new generation lures.
  • Comfort – borrowing from what we learned with the Profish™ 400 the seat rake angles and cockpit layout have been taken to the next level; those long duration paddles will no longer be a pain in the butt! Combine this comfort with the Profish™ Reload’s paddling, speed, and stability characteristics, and you will have the ultimate endurance fishing kayak.
  • Blue water bow – here it is: bow shape and flare designed for fishing amongst the swells, and one that will also provide more lift to help when returning a longer kayak through surf zones.
  • Reload Tackle Pod™ – this world leading innovation incorporates sounder and transducer mounting along with tackle storage in one removable Tackle Pod™. Load-and-go, more than just a concept this is a system that makes setting up for each session so fast, so simple, and so convenient!
  • Large Front Hatch – expedition rated; by cleverly positioning a large front hatch Viking Kayaks have given the Profish™ Reload easy access into the bow for those looking to stow dry bags, trolleys, and other equipment.
  • Bait Wells – introduced with the Profish™ 440 kayak series, these scuppered wells just behind the seat have become a critical tool for anglers wanting to add bait to their arsenal of options. Simple and easy to reach from your seat, there’s no more mess in the cockpit. They can also be used as drink bottle holders or gear lockers.

These are just some of the features of this new kayak. Others like the easily grasped rigid side handles and totally innovative “Kid Pod” that replaces the Tackle Pod™ with a seat (lets you take junior on the coolest possible introduction to kayaking) have come about by Viking’s willingness to listen to what their paddling customers are looking for.

In fact the team approach has meant that even the latest innovations are already being looked at for their potential. We have both staff members and selected anglers looking at the “Kid Pod” as a “Flat Deck” for standing and sight casting to both fresh and salt water specie! In my world there’s nothing cooler than being part of an innovative team that actually listens to what we as kayak anglers are looking for, then builds a craft that breaks new ground.

Yes, I’m a Viking Kayaker, and I can’t wait for the new Profish™ Reload!

Stephen Tapp

Be one of the first to see the Profish™ Reload

The Profish Reload is due for public release Early December 2013 - If you you would like to be one of the first to view and paddle one, send your contact email to  and recieve updates on the latest deliveries to Viking delears in your area. 

Specifications: Length – 4.5m   Width – 74cm   Weight – 29kg

Starting @ $2299.00