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Inspired entries "Name it to win it comp
8:54PM 7th Sep 13

We have received many great entries so far and still have new entries coming in making it hard to shortlist. While we continue to file through the mountain of entires for the "Name it to Win it: competition, we thought you should see a couple of the more creative entries

By no means do these entires reflect the name Viking kayaks are looking for, they are simply to showcase the personalities of the Viking kayaks audience and the inspiration our kayaks and brand give them. There are many many more but we woud be here all night sharing them... 

Andrew Whitemore        

Drekkar :

The name given to the fast, sleek and stealthy Viking longships/warships as they were mainly oar powered .  Drekker means dragon as they had a dragon head on the bow.

Kevin Pilcher      

Vanguard :

Definition of Vanguard; a group of people leading the way in new developments or ideas a position at the forefront of new developments or ideas the foremost part of an advancing army or naval force.

Trevor hughes   

Knorrsum Cork :

Knorr being a small Norwegian sum being something like one and cork for unsinkable.

Hanno van der Merwe    

Cabriolet :

Let us be real, all boys dream of driving a Cabriolet, then they grow up get themselves station wagons for the family and....A New Viking Kayaks Profish Cabriolet!

Alla Kirkham       

Humboldt :

Named after the large, very intelligent, highly efficient predatory squid. Sleek and streamlined, designed for precision and speed, looks harmless but is a fearsome predator.

Klaus Kremer     

Carve Karves :

They used to be a type of small Viking ship and were used for human transport and the movement of livestock and other goods (like fresh caught fish!). Since they were able to navigate in very shallow water, they were also used for coasting.

Greg Peploe       

Berserker :

A Berserker was the fiercest Viking warrior, most of the time when fishing we are all hoping the fish will go berserk.

Dougall Cameron            

Aegir  :

Is a sea giant, god of the ocean and king of the sea creatures in Norse mythology ...Being a Viking, and reading the brief it is clear that this kayak is the Viking God of the ocean.