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Bixpy Electric Jet Motor - Profish Reload E - Bixpy Electric Jet


Grant who recently used this combo at a fishing competition had this to say:

"Fishing from a Viking RELOAD with the new Bixpy electric jet was an absolute game changer. This weapon has blown my mind, no more struggling against wind, tide, and currents, giving you a stable and more enjoyable fishing adventure, this is the perfect combo for any fisher, you don't just want one, trust me - YOU NEED ONE!”

Combining the Viking Kayaks' high-performance and innovative Profish Reload fishing kayak with the Bixpy jet (the world’s most advanced water propulsion system), and you get the ultimate kayak fishing platform for all environments. 

The compact yet incredibly powerful Bixpy Jet electric motor will help take your adventures further for less effort and more efficiently than any other form of kayak propulsion on the market. The Bixpy Jet is powered by the latest technology in lithium-ion batteries with up to 10hrs of life per use and achieving speeds of up to 9km per hour!

With the Bixpy’s 12 speeds forward and 3 in reverse controlled by a blue tooth remote, you can regulate your battery usage using the motor as a  paddle assist, slow-speed trolling, or full speed to chase down fish & maneuver in the tightest of situations.

Truly hands-free control with our Viking foot-controlled rudder system, hold into the wind or current without interrupting your fishing which is particularly useful when holding over fish or up against a structure.

The Viking Profish E kayak will be fitted with the Viking Uphaul System to avoid damaging the motor in shallow water and with the Viking Quick Swap kit you can swap between the rudder and motor in seconds.

**The photo shows the optional battery position fitted on the bow, You need to buy the Battery extension kit if you would like the battery mounted up front. The standard package comes with the battery clipped in the rear well

No trailers no boat ramps, no fuel, just pure stealth and efficiency.

"Revolutionizing the concept of kayak fishing" Matt Watson Ultimate Fishing - Watch his full review HERE

The advantages of the Bixpy over pedal-powered kayaks are many, but the main things you will enjoy are:

  • Lightweight at 32kg (pedal kayaks are often over 50kg - try lifting that onto your car!)

  • Totally hands-free (pedal kayaks require one hand to control the rudder steering)

  • Ability to hold into the wind or current by turning the rudder left or right - pedal kayaks are driven from the middle of the kayak, not the rear - this means as soon as the wind pushes you off your holding position, you need to pedal in a big circle to try and get back in position (e.g. trying to stay over a good fishing spot)

  • Maintenance-free brushless motor. Pedal drives have many moving parts and bearings that need maintenance.

  • The Bixpy powered Viking Profish reload E is very easy to paddle if you want to. 
    This is because your seating position is lower, therefore the kayak doesn't need to be so wide to feel stable. 
    Pedal kayaks, due to needing a raised seat that is adjustable for different leg lengths to reach the pedals, need to be very wide to feel stable enough. This makes for a heavy and difficult kayak to paddle which also gets pushed around in wind due to being high-sided.

  • The cockpit is still free for a Tackle Pod to carry your fishing gear or other items you want quick and easy access to - pedal drive kayaks have this valuable space taken up with the pedal drive units. (Fishing lines, especially braid, love to get tangled around pedals)


  • Kayak weight 32kg
  • Length 4.5m
  • Motor including battery and 
    rudder system 5.4kg

Comes complete with:

  • Motor, battery & wireless control
  • Viking rudder system
  • Viking uphaul system
  • Viking quickswap blade
  • Deluxe backrest seat
  • Propelz Speed Paddle
  • Tackle Pod
  • Lots of Viking Mojo...
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