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Top 5 Kayak Fishing accessories that keep the Maniyaks smiling
7:48PM 17th Jul 14

They say the best accessory a person can have is their smile, here are our top 5 accessories that keep us smiling.

 The Viking Profish Reload Tackle Pod

A world first! How often do you hear that? Well if you are a kiwi you hear it quite a lot actually. We’re a pretty ingenuitive bunch of people that come up with some brilliant ideas and this is one of them.  A completely removable pod that houses your battery, sounder, transducer and a crazy amount of tackle. It’s so cool that you can prep all of your gear the night before an early morning fish simply pull up to you favourite fishing spot, load ‘n’ go.


Hot: Less weight when loading your kayak onto your vehicle plus the security of being able to have all expensive electronics locked away.

Not: All that space inside might mean you end up taking more than you really need

Our Advice: Use waterproof connections and seal your battery terminals as with anything out at sea water still finds its way in through the lid.



The Viking Profish Chill-Pod

The chill pods are simply awesome, these things are like a Tardis…you will not believe what fits in there… Seriously we challenge you to fill it to capacity. They are fully insulated and keep ice, your catch and your lunch cold for hours and easy to clean too. The best part is easily removing the pod when back after a successful day, into the car and no need to transfer fish to a chilli bin.


Hot: Custom Colour option

Not: Bam forgetting to clean his chill-pod (instant burley trigger)

Our Advise: Order one when you order you kayak you won’t regret it



The Viking Profish Reload Kid Pod and Flat Deck

Just when you thought the Viking Profish Reload couldn’t get any cooler it did. Shane’s personal favourite brownie point earner. The kid pod enables you to turn your ultimate fishing kayak into the ultimate excuse for having it, oops I mean into great fun for the entire family. Another option is the Flat deck with two waterproof storage lockers great for those fresh water anglers who like to stand and site cast. 

Hot: Great for a play in the surf and said brownie points with the wife.

Not: Your kids might enjoy it too much (there goes the fishing)

Our Advise: Don’t forget the appropriate sized PFD for the kids


The Viking Profish Rudder System

The Maniyaks come from Wellington and they don’t call it Windy Wellington for nothing. Having a rudder in on your kayak especially in windy conditions is, in our opinion a must have. Unless you like paddling with one arm, constantly correcting the direction of your kayak. We’ve found that having a rudder not only increases our straight line speed but it has also made our paddling more efficient therefore allowing us to paddle further, for longer.


Hot: The rudder sits nice and high so is less likely to break in shallow water and if it ever does the blade is simple to replace

Not: Shane forgetting that he has a rudder in the surf (turtle time)

Our Advice: get someone to help when setting you rudder pedals to suit you. Learn how to paddle with it and keep the pedal tracks clean with a light coat of silicon spray.



Railblaza mounts and accessories

Earlier I talked about how ingenuitive Kiwi’s are, here is another example. Railblaza are an easy to use and versatile mounting system. They are used extensively on our kayaks. We have StarPorts all over the Reloads. We use these for a wide variety of products that are availiable through Viking. We use the Safety Flagwhips for visability, the Camera Boom 600 for getting all types of video footage, navigation lights, fishfinder mounts and the all important extra rod holders. Having the ability to quickly change the layout of the kayaks to suit different fishing styles and trips is fantastic.

Hot: Railblaza holds everything, combinations are endless

Not: I want the Railblaza kayak visibility kit now that I’ve seen one  (pun intended Shane?)

Our Advice: Leash your Cameras etc separately from the mount just in case. The surf can be very unforgiving.