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Viking Kayaks stand by the Quality and Craftsmanship of its kayaks. This 6-year limited warranty is available free to the original purchaser. You must register your new kayak HERE for the warranty.

If there is a problem with your kayak, please contact Viking Kayaks NZ or an agent thereof before attempting any repairs as unauthorised repairs may void the warranty. Our goal is to solve the issue efficiently and effectively. This warranty applies to all new Viking Kayak models purchased globally. The detailed warranty and conditions are outlined below:

1.    The six (6) year warranty is limited to the hull of the kayak only and repair or replacement will be solely at the discretion of Viking Kayaks NZ.

2.    The warranty is applicable to the first original purchaser of the Viking Kayak; it is not transferable, nor does it cover commercial use such as pro-deals, rentals, and kayaks identified as demos and seconds. Kayak accessories, attachments, and kayak graphics fitted by Viking Kayaks NZ are covered for a one (1) year warranty.

3.    The product warranty does not cover the following:

3.1   accessories and attachments or installation work not carried out by Viking Kayaks NZ which includes but is not limited to kayaks which have been structurally altered or modified in any way (outfit components, drilling holes and modification); or any action subjecting the kayak to stress beyond the physical limit of the material;

3.2    kayaks that have been damaged by negligence, intentional or accidental misuse/abuse, or product deterioration due to owner failure to provide reasonable care and maintenance;

3.3    scratches, dents, abrasions and perforation due to hard surface contacts such as rocks, concrete and asphalt; warping (hull deformation) due to improper storage of the kayak (i.e. having tied the kayak too tightly or nesting); areas worn thin, or if the kayak has been used for a purpose it was not designed for; change in product appearance due to normal wear and tear or any other environmental conditions;

3.4   damages caused by scupper hole trolleys;

3.5   kayaks damaged during transit.

4.    The warranty requires that Viking Kayaks NZ receives notification of the Warranty Registration within 30 days from the original date of purchase via the website Warranty Activation Form HERE

5.    For a claim to be processed it MUST be accompanied by the original proof-of-purchase invoice including the kayak model, product serial number and photos of the relevant issue. All documentation is to be sent via email to with a full description of the complaint or issue. Only upon receipt of all these requirements will processing of the warranty claim commence.

6.    The warranty excludes all shipping costs related to any claim. Viking Kayaks NZ or any agent thereof shall not accept any product returned without an authorisation claim number.

7.    Viking Kayaks NZ reserves the right to be the sole arbitrator in relation to all warranty claims.


Please note:

Warranties registered before 1st Nov 2023 are still valid for the original purchaser for the prior warranty period.



What size are the brass inserts embedded in the hull, what size bolt do I use?

The smaller ones are M5 (5mm thread) and the larger ones are 5/16th UNC thread


Where are Viking Kayaks made?  

Viking Kayaks are made in our Auckland, New Zealand factory 

So what's so great about kayak fishing?


Kayak fishing works, it's a proven productive form of fishing. Whether it's drift fishing, fishing around rocks, offshore fishing, or using your kayak to set a long line, kayak fishing is delivering the results. The fish don't hear you coming. You'll be hooked.


The sheer thrill of catching a fish from a kayak is multiplied tenfold compared to fishing off other craft.


For a fraction of the cost of a boat you can have a fully equipped fishing kayak.


A great low-impact form of exercise to work out arms, pecs, stomach, and back muscles, increasing heart rate at a comfortable level and burn those extra calories.

More Options:

You can go places you wouldn't normally consider going in a boat. You can launch your kayak virtually anywhere and you can also get access to locations for landbased fishing previously inaccessible.

Increased Time Fishing:

Because its so easy to launch a kayak (compared to a boat) you will end up going fishing more often, that's a fact. Kayak fishing means more time fishing and more fish!

Environmentally Friendly: 

No fumes and no oils to harm the environment and no noise. Just fresh sea air.


Sit-on-top Viking kayaks are ideal for surf launches and surf re-entry.


The whole team at Viking Kayaks use kayaks whether it is just for Cruising or for serious Kayak Fishing - just ask Stephen Tapp and Grant Montague about their successful fishing adventures in their Viking Profish kayaks! Viking Kayaks are made in New Zealand to the highest standards and have been designed with Safety and Stability in mind. We offer the best warranty and we really care about customer satisfaction.


All Viking Kayaks are manufactured using the very latest development in virgin linear medium-density polyethylene. This plastic is stronger and stiffer than the cheaper material enabling us to make the kayaks noticeably lighter. This material incorporates Maximum UV Inhibitors and is Colourfast. The fittings on the kayaks are Nylon and Stainless Steel, suitable for use in saltwater conditions.


The best way to store your kayak is undercover, on its side leaning against a wall or flat on the floor or on wall cradles. Do not leave your kayak lying on its hull with other items stacked on top of it as this will cause the hull to distort. Do not store the kayak on an uneven surface as this will distort the hull, this includes stacking the kayak on top of other kayaks. 

Polyethylene is a very strong and durable product but in the event that they need minor repairs, it can be plastic welded. This can be done by an experienced plastic welder or you can bring your kayak to the Viking factory and we can do this for you.

Viking Kayaks require minimal maintenance. A Viking Kayak is UV stabilized and colourfast but as with most things, if it can be stored out of the direct sunlight it will look better for longer.
For the correct way to store your kayak please read "HOW DO I STORE MY KAYAK" above.

Transporting a sit-on-top kayak is very easy. You basically place it onto your roof racks upside down and secure it with a couple of tie-downs. If the kayak is over 4m in length, some people like to tie the bow to the front of the vehicle to reduce any sideways movement. No special roof racks are required but if you are looking at taking 2 kayaks regularly then it might pay to get wide roof rack bars (1500mm) so that they can lie side by side or you can use Fold-A-Poles whereby the kayaks lie on their sides.
*Refer to your local roof rack specialist for advice and further information for installation of suitable roof racks and kayak transport.

Yes, Viking Kayaks are great to use out at Sea, in the Surf, down Rivers and around Lakes.

A sit-on-top kayak is very user-friendly and that is why they are becoming so popular. A sit-on kayak tends to have a wider hull thus making it more stable. This means most beginners can hop on and paddle off without the fear of falling off. The more you paddle, the more confident you will become and the more adventurous you will be! If you are looking at doing long-distance touring or white water kayaking, you might be better suited to getting a sit-in kayak that is specifically designed for that purpose.

All sit on top kayaks need to have drainage points. These are called Scuppers. A sit-on kayak is self-bailing so there is no need for a bilge pump. Most water that enters the cockpit area will drain out via the scuppers. Scupper Plugs are available in the cases where you are paddling on a lake and want to restrict any water entering the cockpit. This may occur when the kayak is carrying a heavy load. Scupper Plugs should not be used when going through the surf.

On calm, flat water your kayak should be watertight but once you start going through waves, playing in the surf and capsizing it often, you may find water will get into the hull. This might be up to one litre. If you feel your kayak is taking on an excessive amount of water, check it for leaks. Viking Kayaks are all fitted with drainage plugs so that you can rinse & drain your kayak. Any electronics like mobile phones or car keys (with remotes), should be stored in watertight dry bags or containers. Ideally, you want your phone to be in a proper watertight bag that you can dial and talk through – this stops your wet hands from touching the phone.

Yes, all Viking Kayaks have their own unique serial number. This can be located at the rear of the kayak on the right-hand side. Please fill out the warranty form and quote your hull number to activate your warranty. In the rare case that your kayak is stolen, you will be able to recognize it as yours if you have the hull number recorded.

Firstly, you will need a Buoyancy Vest. These range from $90 to $200. Either way it is money well invested especially if you are parted from your kayak and are stranded waiting for help, for a long period of time. A vest should fit well, not too loose or too tight. It should be Safety Standards Approved. You will need to make sure that there is plenty of room in the armpit for freedom of movement when paddling and you will want it to be a bit shorter in the body so that it doesn’t sit up around your ears when you sit on your kayak. A lot of people find wetsuits are a good option when kayaking. They offer sun protection, warmth and wind protection. They also offer a degree of buoyancy if you capsize. There are other types of waterproof tops and longs available as well – it will depend on what you are intending to do on your kayak i.e. fishing, river trips.

No. There are different Viking kayaks available for different requirements. If you are looking on doing a 3 day river trip, you will be requiring a kayak with more storage. If you want to just play in the surf, you will find the smaller models much easier to catch waves on and to turn. If you want to go fishing, we have several models that are designed for the sport of kayak fishing. Simply let us know what you want to do on your kayak and we will direct you to the most suitable model.

Viking Kayaks have retailers across New Zealand and around the world. Please go to our STORES page to find the nearest outlet to you.

Always wear a buoyancy aid.
Check weather conditions.
Paddle in company
Ensure hatches are securely fastened when on the water and while transporting
Practice re-boarding your kayak from the water in a safe area

Most of all, have fun and enjoy your kayaking experience - every trip will be new and exciting!

Team Viking Kayak NZ