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Kayak fishing & Camping - Get away from it all
1:11AM 22nd Mar 18

Nothing beats that feeling of heading on the road for a few days away fishing and camping, Viking paddlers Jamie & Liam live for adventure on the weekends after a busy work week. In this recent report they share one of those adventures and how the Profish GT kayaks  are making it even better since upgrading late last year. Get away and spend time getting the work play balance right this Easter weekend #beaviking

Recently we decided to load up our kayaks and head north of Brisbane to the Mary Valley for a 3 day fishing trip. We had to make sure that we had everything we would need on our trip, so checking that everything would fit into the kayaks before we left was important.

In the front of my Profish GT I had my swag, clothes in a dry bag, food, cooking gear, plenty of water and a machete for cutting firewood. The Tackle Pod really came into its own on this trip, holding all the stuff I might need to get to quickly, like one of my tackle boxes, lipgrips, pliers, a spray jacket, my head torch and sunnies and of course most importantly; my coffee. All while housing my sounder unit and battery.

The chill pod on the back is great. I've got 2 star ports on it for my RAILBLAZA GoPro boom and another rod holder. This gave me easy access to my other tackle boxes and a water bottle, along with a couple of other cameras and a battery pack for charging everything. (I recommend a high capacity battery pack or one that is solar charged.)

We started our trip down the river hitting every snag we could find, landing some good fish and losing some all the same. The great thing about having everything in the kayaks was that we didn't need to go back to a camp site for anything, we could just pull up on a bank and have a quick feed before going straight back to fishing.

Day 2 presented some challenges where we lost both fish and lures. It wasn't until the afternoon, where the river came alive with the deafening sound of cicadas and fish smashing them on the surface, when we started to land our catches, before heading to the car to turn in for the night.

We decided that we wanted to hit Borumba Dam in the morning and made it there in good time, stopping in Imbil for breakfast before getting on the water. We covered our usual spots around the basin searching for saratoga amongst the flooded grass and fallen trees without much luck. We just couldn't seem to keep them on the hook. We split for a while covering both sides of the dam, still searching for a toga that would stick.

About 20 meters from me, under an overhanging tree, I saw a massive splash which I had to cast at. On the second wind, my rod loaded up, I set the hooks and in true saratoga fashion, he jumped clear out of the water and the fight was on. I always get excited when I catch these fish and I forgot to turn the Gopro on before I cast, so sadly I didn't get any video footage of his acrobatic performance.

We decided to call it a day shortly after that and headed back to the ramp before heading home. All in all, it was an enjoyable trip made much easier by being able to have everything we needed in the kayaks. If there is one thing I can't stress enough, it's bring water. Take more than you think you need, because having it and not needing it, is better than needing it and not having it. And if you are planning on going camping with your kayak, you can't go wrong with the Viking Profish GT.

Jamie & Liam  SP Fishing SEQ