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Fitting Raymarine Dragonfly Pro to the Tackle Pod
11:35PM 11th May 16

Raymarine Dragonfly Pro sounders have a new transducer with the cable emerging from the front. This increases length significantly but our standard mounting kit allows it to fit the Profish Reload and GT. The secret: don't lock the Raymarine sliding mount fully forward. Allowing the transducer to slide on its mount lets it locate in the socket in the Tackle Pod, the tight fit ensures it doesn't move in use. Read on for more instruction

The new Raymarine Dragonfly Pro series sounders will fit the Reload and GT Tackle Pod

The trick is not to lock the sliding mount (foot) provided with the transducer in the fully forward position. Leave it free-sliding so the transducer can locate correctly in the socket in the bottom of the Tackle Pod.

Once in place the transducer is properly protected inside the socket, and is wedged in place so there's no chance of it sliding.

It's a tight fit.