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Kayaks - Profish Reload -Premium Fishing Kayak


Some of the improvements for the 2022 version:
* Larger transducer scupper which will accept side imaging transducers (300 long x 80 wide).
* Improved side handles - perfect balance and drier ride in choppy conditions
* Detailing has been refined to give a better finish

The Profish Reload combines the very best features of 20+ years of kayak design at Viking Kayaks.
Add the innovative new features and it provides the kayak angler with the finest fishing kayak available.

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*Fast, stable, and easy to manage on and off the water, this is the kayak of choice for anglers seeking touring endurance combined with the stability to land record class fish!

*The Viking Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first: a fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup combined with a large tackle storage space. It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience.
The dimensions of the transducer recess are 300mm x 80mm

*With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting the Viking Profish Reload is much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack.

Features you’ll enjoy:

  • ·         The Fastest fishing kayak in our fleet making trolling lures easy and exploring those far-off uncharted grounds an exciting adventure  
  • ·         Superior stability provides you with the confidence to target big fish
  • ·         The Reload Tackle Pod™ system offers the ease and speed of ‘Load and Go’ 
  • ·         A Large front hatch offers storage for additional gear such as kayak trolleys and dry bags.
  • ·         The optional Kid Pod™ system enables you to share the fun and excitement of kayak fishing with your children. It also provides a flat, stable surface for freshwater anglers to stand and sight cast to unsuspecting fish.(Optional extra)
  • ·         Scalloped sides for improved paddle strokes
  • ·         The handy bait wells behind the seat can also be used as a convenient place for drink bottles
  • ·         Large recessed side handles make lifting and loading the Reload so much easier
  • ·         The nicely flared bow diverts water in choppy conditions
  • ·         The innovative ‘Rod Slots’ along the bow allow you to securely lay down your fishing rods -  ideal when coming and going through the surf.

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  • 4.5m length
  • 75cm width
  • 34kg weight
  • 200kg carrying capacity

Colours available:

Black/Red (Lava)

Black/Green (Kiwi)

Black/White (Storm)

Blue/White/Yellow (Daybreak)

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