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Taranaki Tuna Hunt 2014 with Stephen Tapp
9:32AM 16th Mar 14

This footage is from on board Stephen Tapps Profish Reload while fishing the 3rd Taranaki Tuna hunt which was held in February 2014. This competition has been put together by the same guys who run the very popular Taranaki Kayak Fishing Classic, which is on next weekend. This comp is all about Tuna and nothing else, which is a great chance for those planning to compete at the Taranaki classic to brush up on their Tuna chasing skills.

The video footage you see below is of Stephen landing a Tuna during the competition, not a winning fish, but a nice Tuna all the same. This years was tough with reports of the fish going into hiding all around even though the action was hot in the lead up to the comp. The winner of this year’s event was Nakiman with a 4.7kg Albacore Tuna. If your heading to Taranaki this year to compete in the Kayak Fishing Classic and want to target Tuna have a read of this "Lure trolling Q & A session" with Stephen HERE