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Chill Pod & Tackle Pod Innovation - Guest post
4:41PM 9th Sep 13

Guest Blog post -  PaddleGuy

The below blog post was shared with us by PaddleGuy who recently added the Tackle Pod to his Profish 400.. our reasoning behind the pod systm for our kayaks is pretty much summed up below... 

PaddleGuy  - Guest Blog post

(originally published here - )

As fast as kayak fishing has grown so to have the reactions of manufacturers modifying and designing kayaks to suit the needs of Kayak anglers worldwide.

Along with the kayaks themselves come all the manufacturers  extras to make your small fishing platform into a practical working space where everything has its place…

The latest addition of the Tackle Pod to my Profish 440 highlighted to me how the guys at Viking Kayaks NZ really are forward thinking with new add-on’s that are incredibly useful to anglers. The Tackle pod has taken the large center storage option of the new age fishing kayaks to a new level of convenience. The load and go aspect of both the Tackle Pod & Chill Pod are very useful when you are keen to be on the water ASAP ..likewise when you have past your curfew leaving limited time to pack down.

Chill Pod Viking

The chill pod is ideal for bait ice and fish, this is self contained so can be pre-loaded then put in the back of your car to and from your destination. The tackle pod has the same convenience for tackle, snacks and electronics including batteries…rigging up my kayak for a fish just got a whole lot more organized.

Tackle Pod VikingChill Pod Viking (2)

Once I have mounted my Garmin sounder to the tackle pod I will run you through the installation, as you will see in the video below you can leave sounder and batteries all with the pod ready to go…head over to Viking kayaks website to find out more about these great products…links to both below (click on the Image)

Tackle Pod 400Chill Pod 400