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Kayaks - Tempo 2 - Specialized Double Fishing Kayak


Super stable, full-sized double fishing kayak with storage for both anglers

The Viking Tempo 2 double answers the long-awaited call for a full-sized stable, roomy, fishing and expedition double kayak.

The extra length means more space for each person - and no hitting each others paddle when paddling, which is a common problem with kayaks under 4.3m (14 foot).

It features large front and rear wells for fish and gear and detachable storage Pods for bait or tackle.
The four waterproof 6" hatches have built-in solid containers for extra tackle and gear you need to keep dry.
These kayaks are super stable, and have been designed with attaching motors in mind, the stern is extra buoyant to allow for extra motor and battery weight.

You will enjoy many happy hours in your Tempo 2 kayak – whether you are fishing, diving or on an expedition.



  • 4 x 6" hatches
  • 4 x Gear Bungee's
  • 6 x Rodholder's
  • Adjustable footrests
  • 2 x Paddle Parks
  • Large front fish/gear well
  • Large rear fish/gear well
  • 2 x Watertight tackle pods
  • 2x Railblaza Starports for accessories
  • 2 x Speed paddles (NZ & AU)
  • 2 x Deluxe Fisherman seats (NZ & AU)


  • Length 4.7m (15'5")
  • Width 90cm (35.5")
  • Weight 38kg (80lbs)
  • Carrying capacity250kg (550lbs)

Colors available:




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