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NZ Kayaker Sunday session - Omokoroa/Tauranga Harbour
2:15PM 21st Nov 13

Hey Team and welcome to another addition for Sunday Session wit NZ Kayaker Tim Taylor.

Last week we had a great turnout at Lake Okataina and while the fish were few and far between, I think we could all agree that it was a stunning paddle and just a great day to be on a kayak. A big thanks to the 13 of you who made the day so enjoyable and congrats to Mike for landing the only trout of the day. 

This week we are going to do something a wee bit different and try an evening fish out at Omokoroa. After checking the forecast, I think the ocean will be a bit dodgy for our typical morning fish but I feel you'll enjoy an evening fish no matter what the results...I know I always do.


Sunday Sessions - Omokoroa Evening Fish.  

Above: the Okataina Team about to start their adventures. 

Above: Omokoroa Wharf at sunset.

Things you need to know...

WHERE: Omokoroa/Tauranga Harbour

Meet at the Omokoroa wharf at 4pm, finish around 9pm (or earlier if you want).

Head north from TGA driving towards Katikati. Turn right onto Omokoroa Rd and follow it all the way to the boat ramp. Please allow 20minutes drive time from TGA.
The reserve next to the boat ramp.

Snapper but kingfish are possible.

Ability Level:
Suitable for everyone as it's relatively sheltered

Stray-lining setup for snapper and livebait rod for kingfish.   

You will need an anchor setup as we will be anchoring in one spot. If you wish to stay until dark you will need an all-round white light (yes, the harbour master does come up this far to check).  
As always this is a free event and everyone is welcome. If you require kayaks, I have all my fleet available for rent for just $50 each. It may interest you to know that I now have a Viking 2+1 (double kayak) and the smaller Espri Angler available - these would be suitable for younger members or someone wanting to bring a partner along.  

An evening fish in Omokoroa can be absolutely amazing. Watching schools of piper swarm your burley trail as you eagerly await a strike can be a magical's even more enjoyable with a cold beverage in your hand as well.  I'll look forward to seeing some of you there.    ph) 027 668 9904