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Backrest Seats & Cushions - Seat Cushion - Single Thickness


Kayak "Seat Cushion" -Stephen Tapp Design

One way to get around a "Numb-Bum" is to purchase our seat cushion to sit on top of your existing seat base. 

The key to its success is the marine rated medium density closed-cell foam. It is full of holes.
These work with the soft foam, allowing it to properly change shape and mold to your backside. This is critical to improving comfort without raising your centre of gravity too much. 

Being closed-cell foam, the cushions won’t take on water and get heavy, and are brilliantly easy to keep clean.

Extra padding for those long hours of fishing - definitely a must for any kayak fisho! 

Choose this single thickness to retain maximum stability or go for the double thickness if you want the most comfort and find your kayak stable enough to allow for the slight increase in seat height.

PLU 1169


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