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Safety on the water with Railblaza
5:53PM 27th Feb 14

Safety on the water with Railblaza - by NZBlokes Fishtales

To be safe on the water is to be seen. With multiple colour options available when you order you’re new Viking Kayak it is a good idea to think about the best way to be visible on the water.


Flags are a great way to gain visibility on the water. With the additional height and bright color you will be able to make yourself easier to be seen by boaties and other ocean traffic. Railblaza have a couple of options available -  The Flagwhip which is light and flexible or the Visibility Kit which is an extendible pole ( extends from 550mm to 1050mm) and has the added option of adding NaviLux 360 Kayak light.

Another useful flag for those freedivers and spear fisherman is the dive flag. Railblaza do a Flagpole which is light and strong and can be mounted wherever you like using the StarPort system.


More often than not fishermen tend to head out in the wee hours of the morning when it is still dark. When in a kayak it is very important to be seen by boats heading out at the same time. This can be achieved by using the LED Navilight 360 White, LED Navilight Port/Starboard or the new Navilux 360 Kayak light. When the Navilux light is combined with the TelePole you are able to gain a total height of 1250mm above the deck of your kayak.


Another area Railblaza can assist in keeping you safe is when launching and returning through beach surf. A perfect example of this is by combining the Railblaza G-HOLDS with the new Viking Reload fishing kayak. With this combination you are able to use the ‘Rod Slots’ on the Reload and the Railblaza G-Hold to secure you 1 piece rod to the deck of the kayak in case of that imminent turtle (hard bottom of the kayak facing up). Other options to secure the tips of the rods if you are not using a Viking Reload is to use the Perspex cover on the Profish 440 or adding a Railblaza Eye25 which is ideal for tethering, storage and lashing.

All of these products are available from Viking Kayaks, be safe be seen. NZBlokes Fishtales Andrew & Brad