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Rudder Cable Tubes Fitting

1. Use a 5mm bit to drill a neat hole in the middle of the end wall (seat end) of the footrest recesses. It’s important this hole is clean and exactly 5mm for a neat watertight fit with the cable tube.Rudder Tube Installation - drill 5mm entry

2. Use a sharp 10mm bit to drill a neat hole in the middle of the cable relief areas at the rear of the kayak. Very lightly chamfer the sharp edge on the mouth of the hole – only a tiny amount needs to be removed to make it easier to slide the rubber grommet home later in the installation.                                                                                  Rudder Tube Installation - drill 10mm exit

3. Use a nail and thin cord (longer than the cable tube) to draw the cable tube through the kayak using a strong magnet along the outside of the hull is easiest or use fine wire to snag the nail. Notch the end of the tube and tie the drawcord to this notch with a slip knot.

Rudder Tube Installation - draw cord

4. Tie a nail or similar to the other end of the draw cord, insert it through the 5mm entry hole.Rudder Tube Installation - start draw cord

5. Use a strong magnet on the outside of the kayak to slide the nail along the inside of the kayak and out the cable exit at the rear.Rudder Tube Installation - push through tube

6. Carefully start the cable tube into the 5mm hole, then by feeding the tube into the hole and drawing it along with the draw cord bring it to the rear of the kayak.                                                                      Rudder Tube Installation - pull through tube

7. The flared end of the cable tube should end up neatly against the entry hole in the footrest recess.Rudder Tube Installation - flared end

8. At the rear untie the draw string from the end of the cable tube then feed on a rubber mushroom grommet. This will be a tight fit to start but will be easier to slide once the tube is all the way through.Rudder Tube Installation - slide on rubber grommet

9. Pull all the slack out of the cable tube inside the kayak, then lightly stretch it the length of the rubber mushroom grommet. Holding the cable tube under tension slide the grommet against the mouth of the hole, lightly lubricate it with MS sealant, and finally press into the hole to create a seal. If needed a short piece of 13mm (½ inch) tube can be used to push the grommet in place.Rudder Tube Installation - MS sealant

10. With the rubber mushroom grommet in place the final step is to trim the cable tube leaving 50mm (2 inches) of excess. The kayak is now ready for rudder cable installation.                                    Rudder Tube Installation - final tube trim