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Viking kayak designers are keen recreational kayakers, fishermen & fisherwomen!


Galloway Group design and manufacture all Viking Kayaks from our purpose kayak manufacturing factory in Auckland, New Zealand. Attending many of the major kayak fishing tournaments is where our designers meet with, and get feedback from, so many experienced and dedicated kayak fisho’s. It's this feedback and time on the water that sparks the innovative ideas that then develop into the high-performing and user-friendly Viking fishing kayaks that avid kayak fishermen love.

Our recreational kayak range has the same development and expertise designed and built into every kayak. Be it a family trip out on the water or just getting on the water to explore our world’s stunning coastline, we have a kayak that will match your requirements.

At Viking, we believe every aspect of our kayaks must have a purpose and benefit to the user, not added simply for the sake of "more features". We concentrate on getting the important things right - Performance, comfort, stability and features that make you think - "wow, this is awesome!"

Galloway Group is internationally recognised as one of the leaders in the concept, design, mould fabrication, and manufacture of marine rotational plastic products. As a technology-based company, we are committed to exploring and advancing through ongoing development, and working closely with leading experts, universities and key industry associations.

Our reputation for plastic moulding is recognised both in New Zealand and overseas by some of the largest companies. The first choice for marine action craft, our marine craft are designed by some of New Zealand’s leading kayak designers and naval architects such as Scott Robson. We take pride in creating products that are innovative, well designed and aesthetically pleasing while being structurally stable, safe and user friendly. This commitment to excellence in every aspect has made our products the industry benchmark for plastic moulding and marine craft around the globe.


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