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Marinated Raw Fish (Fijian style Kokoda)
1:15PM 20th Nov 13

Shelley Bradish-Cooney - of Tauranga and Team Viking Predators, shares with us a dish that she recomends for enjoying fresh Trevally (or snapper) like this one landed on Sunday at one of Shelley's local spots..

"The fishing on Sunday was hard work, with the fish tapping the bait instead of smashing it. The week before in the same place big snapper were smashing my 7” grub, but the following Sunday I was only getting taps. I responded by reducing the size of my grub to a similar colour, but a smaller size, and hooked up this nice trev. These are a very underated fish, they go like ninjas’, and make great eating. This was caught in 20 metres of water" 

Marinated Raw Fish (Fijian style Kokoda)

This recipe is great when the red peppers are in season. Easy to make it keeps in the fridge for 3 days. The key to keeping your catch at its optimum freshness for this recipe is to put it on ice (salt is is preffered) immediatly after cpture in either these products

Profish Chill Pod - Insulated Bag or under an Insulated Cover, all these pruducts can be found HERE



6 Fresh snapper (trevally is best) fillets cut in small pieces

2 Red peppers cut into small pieces

1 Red onion, cut finely

4 lemons, juice only

1 large tin coconut cream 400ml

Salt to taste

Finely cut the snapper fillets, and cover with the lemon juice. Place in the fridge, stirring

occasionally. The lemon juice should stay on the fish for approximately 30 minutes, until the fish

goes slightly opaque around the edges (solid opaque and you have let the process go too far, the

acid causes the proteins to denature). Drain the fish, then add the finely chopped red pepper and

onion. Mix in the coconut cream. Add a pinch of salt to taste.

If you like a touch of heat, try adding a teaspoon of chilli paste. The great thing is that in the

summer when it is too hot to cook, this makes a great meal with a salad.