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How to load & unload your kayak on roof racks
5:37PM 17th Jan 14

In this tip from Stephen Tapp, he shows you "How to Load and Unload your fishing kayak onto a roof rack the easy way". Demonstrated with the  Viking Profish Reload on a high roof car and low roof car to show how easy it is when done right, you will also protect yourself from injury with this technique. Whilst there are many great roof rack accessories on the market to assist with the loading and unloading of kayaks, this simple technique may save you spending the money when you might not need to.

Note: The cars used in this video have 1350mm wide bars which aids this technique however it works equally as effective on the more common 1200mm or less roof bars. In the cases where the bars are shorter, the kayak needs to be positioned at a wider angle for loading and unloading. In cases where the kayak is touching the roof you can use a towel as demonstrated to protect the car from damage..we hope this tip is useful, give it a go!