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"Livey Pod" Kayak live bait well prototype
6:21PM 20th Sep 15

As seen on Big Angry Fish TV Sunday 20 Sept  | Season 4 Ep9 | Getting Towed!

Milan and Nathan have been putting the new Livey Pod concept to the test in the Profish Reload kayak, chasing hard fighting yellowtail kingfish. In this blog we share a little more on the prototype concept as tested by Stephen Tapp

Fishing Kayak live bait well

The Livey Pod top side when sat in a Profish Reload cockpit

Viking Livey Pod prototype as tested by Stephen Tapp

The Twin Livey Tackle Pod allows me to easily transport live baits. Tackle is transported in a the other half of the Twin Livey Tackle Pod.

Kayak fishing live bait well with pump system
Inside the Pod showing the pump and anti-siphon system that also swirls the water

The concept uses a high flow design so water exchanges rapidly. This makes it possible to run the pump on a timer if wanting to conserve battery capacity. The output from the pump has an anti-siphon on it to stop the tank draining when the pump is off. In addition this also directs the pump output to swirl and stir the water in the tank to help ensure all water is oxygenated and there are no "dead spots" in the tank.

Kayak fishing live bait well transducer

The pump intake in the transducer scupper (transducer is a Lowrance HDI 83/200/455/800 kHz). It's completely self priming making the system really easy to use

Kayak fishing live bait well control pump

Currently I'm running a simple on/off switch to control the pump but will look at sourcing a timer that will allow the pump to be "pulsed" for battery conservation

The system is completely self-priming so is very easy to use. The 4 outlets (2 either side) overflow at a rate matching the pump to keep the tank full so there's no water surges that can ultimately kill the live baits. The outlets have bungs so the Livey Pod can be used as a normal Tackle Pod.

kayak fishing live bait well

The overflow outlets on either side are directly over the foot-well scupper for rapid draining, and have bungs so when not used as a live bait tank the Pod will serve as a normal Tackle Pod.

How to power this?
With my unit power for both the pump and the Elite-7 is supplied from batteries mounted inside the front hatch.

UPDATE: We have fine-tuned this concept a little since Stephen wrote this  blog, see below images of the new Twin Livey Tackle Pod

Missed the Big Angry Fish Episode? You can watch it on demand if your in NZ just click on the image below to be taken straight there. AU viewers can look forward to seeing this whe the next season of Big Angry Fish airs here.


Viking Kayaks have designed the Reload models for the serious fisherman. The Reload can be modified in seconds to exactly what you are fishing for on the day. The tackle pod system allows for just that. Now with the option of a live-bait tank you have suddenly turned into a pro kingie fisherman!

Big angry fish kingfish from viking kayak


My heart started pounding, my hands started to shake, and my voice went into a higher register. "Milan, I'm hit, I'm hit, I'm hit!”.  

Hooked on kayak fishing with big angry fish