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Bixpy Maintenance

Keeping the connections on your Bixpy unit in good order to avoid failure:

One comment re leaving connections permanent: It's my suggestion that connections are still periodically cleaned, inspected for wear and damage, and then protected with fresh dielectric grease. I believe it's important that connections are constantly maintained given that many are relying on their Bixpy units for assistance in less ideal conditions. Constant heating and cooling cycles (e.g. heating in direct sun, then splashed with cold water) can create situations where small amounts of water could be drawn past a plug seal. The dielectric grease will in most cases stop immediate problems, but could ultimately become contaminated to the point where it's no longer effective.
I routinely service all my connections approximately every 3 trips.
Step 1: flush connections with o'ring safe contact cleaner, using a small brush to help remove the old dielectric grease. I prefer to use CRC 2.26 for this job.
Step 2: visually inspect the seal and connector body for damage
step 3: apply enough dielectric grease to fill the connector when assembled. The idea is to fill air spaces so that moisture has nowhere to accumulate. I'm using Rocol Saphire MX22 to provide dielectric protection and lubricate seals.