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Parts & Hardware - Viking Tackle Pod for Reload (<2021) & GT


Load & Go with the Viking Tackle Pod™

The Tackle Pod™ system offers a worldwide first!
A fully integrated and removable sounder, battery, and transducer setup, combined with a large tackle storage space.
It’s now quick and easy to remove or reload your valuable sounder, transducer, and tackle - the ultimate in convenience.

With the Tackle Pod™ removed for transporting, the Profish Reload (2021 models and earlier) & the  Profish GT are then much lighter and easier to load onto your roof rack.

Capacity 29.0 litres

PLU 2222

Transducer compatibility guide:

Internal dimensions of transducer recess - 205mm long x 80mm wide x 40 deep

Please note the Lowrance side imaging transducer is too long to fit, get the SplitShot transducer as this fits nicely.
*The 2022 Reload Tackle Pod will have a larger transducer recess
or 6 payments of $49.84 click for details