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Railblaza Accessories - RailBlaza Rotating Platform S


For simplicity of mounting, you can't go past the RAILBLAZA Rotating Platforms. They are the ideal mount if you need the ability to easily remove your sounder or navigational aid. Once locked into a StarPort the platform can be turned a full 360 degrees.

Made from a combination of high quality UV proof engineering plastics, UV proof HDPE, and stainless steel screws it allows mounting of brackets with any combination of holes, if using smaller self tapping screws you can screw directly in without the need to drill pilot holes.

The Rotating Platform can be used as a flat surface to make many items StarPort compatible, meaning these items can all be plugged in and locked in place on your inflatable, kayak, sailboat or any other place that will take a StarPort. Once you have finished using the platform it can be removed and the StarPort can be retasked for another application.


PLU 1732

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