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Enter Fishing Competition - Nov 2018
Bixpy Jet Motor
Profish GT - Bixpy Electric Powered
Profish Reload -Premium Fishing Kayak
Profish 400-Light weight Fishing Kayak
Profish GT - Ultra Stable Fishing Kayak
Profish 35 - Compact Fishing Kayak
Espri Angler - Family Fishing Kayak
Tempo 2 - Specialized Double Fishing Kayak
Viking 2 + 1 - Double,Triple or Solo
Espri - Family & Cruising Kayak
Nemo - Family Fun Kayak
Ozzie - Light & Stable Family Kayak
Viking Lagoon - Children & Smaller Adults Kayak
Oxygen 5.7 Ski - Fitness & Touring
$1,749.00 $1,299.00

What our customers say:

PROFISH 400 Praise:
I was looking at 2 but the Viking came out on top. Slightly wider and more stable. The removable Tackle Pod holds all my fishing gear and with the fishfinder and rod holders attached I can just lift it out and take indoors with all my gear and electronics. This really is a serious fishing kayak.
Darren H.

RELOAD Praise:

"Honestly, no bad points at all. Probably one of the best kayaks on the market. 

I absolutely love mine. It is very ergonomic/ comfortable. It is very stable and completely at home from the swell in the sea to a flat calm lake. If you take the time to organise the reload pod it is worth it. I keep stuff in small lunch boxes so I know where everything is. I've seen people mount different spools of line under the lid so they can make rigs on the go and also attach a magnet to hold onto knives etc.
Take your time to get to know the kayak then start adding a few railblaza ports where you think you would like to add something like camera, fish finders, cup holders etc..

Good luck and tight lines :)"
Barry C. 


"Main reason is that it is a NZ company and we all know Kiwi's are the best boat builders and with a 30 year upgrade warranty how can you go wrong. The staff were extra helpful, I honestly can't say enough, now all I need to do is stop admiring my kayak and get it wet.
Team Viking again thanks. AAA+++"

-Steven Riley

"I liked the review of the GT, that it was shorter than the other profish kayaks and advertised as being very stable.  On first paddle, I am very satisfied!"
James R

"Kiwi made,well thought out bombproof kayak.Excellent accessories and advice available."
Kerry G

"I have two other Kayaks - my first I purchased through and the other was from a friend.  In the end neither of these could beat Vikings Kayaks"
Eugene U

"Best brand.  Hassle free.  Easy to paddle, easy to load, resilient"
Tony & Tracey

"I wanted the best quality kayak on the market but it also had to have the best designed, fit for purpose and last the test of time. Being Nz made means if I have any problems im sure Viking will be happy to help. Viking has it all! Thank you.
Henry P

"The reload offering a quick any easy way to setup and pack up was the winner over the stealth at this time. Being made in NZ also makes the purchase feel like it is supporting those closer to home.
James S

"Kiwi made, solid warranty & lighter hull. Good website too, the vid of the 2+1 got me hooked. Thanks"
Trevor R

"NZ made.  Good website for accessories and spare parts.  The videos are inspiring - sell the Kiwi dream sort of thing.  Didn't trust the cheaper Chinese imports - I know NZ has been making plastic kayaks (and I've been buying them) for donkeys years.  I figured our technology would be some of the best.  And given it's me and my kids in there, felt that NZ products would be safer and fitter for purpose."

"I was just about to check the progress of my purchase when the courier arrived on my doorstep with the foam kayak cradles!
Thank you so much for the prompt despatch and efficient service. I only ordered these on Wednesday - it is the speediest on-line delivery I have experienced.
Thanks also for the friendly and helpful advice I received when I rang to ask about the product.
Have a great Christmas, Viking People!"
Cheers, Jackie.

"Extra storage space compared to Mission kayaks"

"After a year researching different brands your product stood out among the rest. With the ability to add accessories as you require them. I have just purchased the Profish Reload. What can I say, out standing!" Thanks, Andrew.

"I spent the last 5 days at my batch and put some mileage on the Profish Reload. I'm loving it more and more each time I go out, and the rougher it is the better it is! I Went for a couple of 20km+ paddles with no seat and no foam and was comfy as. Being fresh water and an enclosed body of water the wind chop/swell on the lake is a lot shorter than the ocean. The Reload just kept on cruising happy as, and as others have pointed out it is quicker as well :) We went out for a fish on Saturday and I landed three trout, that was awesome!" Thanks, Adrian C

"I just wanted to say thanks to those involved in the production of the Profish Reload. It's brilliant, all the little things that are included have been well thought out. It's also great that I can swap the Tackle Pod to a Kid Pod and take the family out and leave all the fishy stuff in one spot on the Tackle Pod, well done!" Regards, Barry M.

"I got out for the first time yesterday and had an absolute ball. I felt at ease in my Viking Profish 400 the whole time, and even caught my first ever snapper. The Sun was setting with the horizon turning deep orange-red. The whole deal was just fantastic. Did I mention the pod of dolphins swimming by us on the way out! Within 2hrs we were enjoying fillets for dinner - just magic." Cheers, RT

"Once again thank you for the great customer support........A lot of other companies could learn from you people." Thanks Nathan R.

 Tour operator Tim Taylor ( uses the Viking Profish 440 for his clients because it's very stable and easy to paddle, plus it can carry a huge amount of gear if needed - read more.....