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Viking kayak designers are avid kayak fishermen. 

Attending many of the major kayak fishing tournaments, this is where they paddle with and get feedback from so many experienced and dedicated kayak fishos.    

It's this feedback and time on the water that spark the innovative ideas that then develop into the high performing and user friendly Viking fishing kayaks that avid kayak fishermen love. 
At Viking we believe every aspect of our kayaks must have a purpose and benefit to the user, not added simply ​for the sake of 
"more features". We concentrate on getting the important things right - Performance, comfort, stability and features that make you think - "wow, that works great!"
The company started out in a small shed in the New Zealand country side ​in 1999. Viking kayaks are now sold and enjoyed world wide and are made in two manufacturing facilities in New Zealand and Australia.


Stephen Tapp - New Zealand's most well known and experienced kayak angler. He has been writing for NZ's top fishing magazine (New Zealand Fishing News) since 2004 and has been fishing from, and improving kayaks for over 20 years. With his wealth of experience and friendly manner, you can ask him pretty much anything on the subject and you will get the information and advice you're after.

Grant Montague - A keen outdoors man, he started the company in 1999. He quickly identified kayaks as ideal for fishing from and also an enjoyable way for families to experiance the outdoors. Grants passion for kayaking, and especially kayak fishing has driven the constant development of Viking products. So when you buy a Viking Kayak you know it's been designed by people who use them, not by someone tucked away in a office. 

Karen Montague - Karen's the the one that keeps everything in the office running smoothly with accounts payable and accounts receiveable. She also loves to go kayak fishing (and often out fishes the guys too!).


Cat Oliver Fishing

Cat Oliver - Cat answers your calls and takes your orders. She does a great job as Operations Manager for Viking Kayaks NZ. Don't be fooled by her friendly manner as once on the water, she becomes one very competitive Kayak Fisher-woman!